Ask if you can examine his books

You ask the old man if you can have a look at some of his books, and he beams and nods.

'Of course! They're my constant companions, these books are! I care for them as if they were my children!'

You glance around at the dust-covered books and decide that it's a good thing that the old man has no children - these books are badly neglected.

Not to be put off by a bit of dust, you start to look at them. There are hundreds of books here, but the old man points you to a particularly interesting shelf, and you decide you might as well start there.

After flicking through a few books and glancing at others, you notice a book entitled The Maze of Triumphs!

Excited, you pull it from the shelf and have a look. At the very back you find a loose piece of paper, folded very small. Curious, you open it.

It's very old, but you can still read enough to tell that it's a detailed map of the maze!

The End

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