The Maze of Triumphs

Deep below the mountain range that eclipses your village, there lies a maze. At the heart of this maze is a diamond of great value. Your village is on the brink of starvation, and the only thing that can save everyone is the diamond. And the only person who can get it is you. You must travel deep into the maze and retrieve it, before it's too late...

You sling your backpack over your shoulder, your left hand checking the knives in your belt. You packed agonizingly last night - as soon as you had decided to go. Of course, Mother begged you to change your mind, but, even now, faced with danger, you can't help feeling pleased to have escaped the oppressive, boring, uninteresting village. The wind in your face tastes of freedom as you leave it behind you, perhaps for ever.

The mountain lies before you, its tip wreathed in smoke. At its base you can just see a small black smudge that must be the entrance to the maze. In your pocket you have a rough map of the maze, but you know it to be only rough - no one has ever mapped the complete size of the underground caverns beneath your feet.

It takes you half a day to reach the maze, and you eat some provisions on the way. You have enough food for seven days. You have no idea if this will be enough - probably not - but hopefully you will find something in there to sustain you long enough to get the diamond and leave.

You feel optimistic as you approach the cavern.

You walk for a few meters, and the path twists and turns before opening out into a junction. You have three choices. To your left and right are two large oak doors. Directly in front of you the path continues.

Which way do you go?

The End

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