Chapter Two

Ichigo Rose


Ichigo exited the classroom ASAP. She couldn't stand to be in a enclosed space for too long; it made her feel sick with all those plastic-like girls' perfume.

'Ichigo! Ichigo!'

She turned around and spotted her friend from the Math Club, he jogged up to her; his dreadlocks bouncing up and down.

'What is it, Francis?'

'You forgot your glasses in the club room!' He panted, his face pink; he handed her the pair of specs.

'Thanks. Is math club on today?'She enquired, slipping on her glasses.

'Yeah. Usual place, normal time.' Francis smiled at her. It was a well known fact that Francis had a huge crush on the carrot-topped girl.

'Kay! See you!'She called as she rushed away.

Francis stood there a little dazed. He grinned to himself as he walked away. This month; this month he would ask the pretty girl out. He would!


The End

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