The Math Club

Jackson Jones has entered a new school adn is just coming to grips that he cannot be popular. So he tries out the Math Club, a club where any unpopular person can be accepted. One day a mysterious girl called, 'Ichigo Rose', otherwise known as the Math Queen barges in, reading a book, compleating a hard equation in under two minutes; still reading. Who is this girl?

Jackson Jones


I walked into the classroom, taking in the size of this new, and rich school. I was being given close, personal and scrutinizing looks. That's right,  you could only be popular if you were perfect. Which I was not.

I was imperfect and proud in all red-haired glory.

But I started noticing the welcoming smiles some of my new classmates were shining at me, I frowned and looked up at the teacher.

'Welcome, Jackson, to September High. I'm sure our class will welcome you to our school!'She beamed, 'you sit there.'

She pointed to a table at the back, with a girl sitting at it; reading a book that was in French.

Some of the class back ,' ah shucks' noises like it was bad to sit next to her. 

The oblivious girl looked up as I stood at the sat of the table, she stared at me for a few seconds before moving her bag off the chair next to her. She then went back to reading her book.

I glanced at her fire-like hair that glowed a bright orange in the white lights. She had odd green-blue eyes and fair skin with a large smattering of freckles. She wasn't really that pretty and seemed a bit rude. I huffed and turned to the front.

'So, Jackson, what do you like to do in your spare time?' Miss sprang on me; I looked up and raised my eyebrows.

'I like to go fishing, read, watch stars and make model planes.'I muttered, my tanned skin blushing a faded pink. The whole class gasped and I knew from that moment that I would not be accepted.

In fact, when I exited the classroom, I heard a couple of girls giggle, 'I thought he was kinda fit at first, but whats up with his hobbies? What a dork!'

I looked down and checked what room I had to find next. . .

The End

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