2. "I'm as sure as I am drunk."

                 Axel watched the mother and son make their way down the sidewalk.

                “Dad!” he called out, “Come out, we have neighbors over!” His father appeared out of the garage seconds later.

                “Hello!” he greeted the two. The young boy of the two’s eyes seemed glazed over and unfocused, but his grin reached them.

                The mother nudged the boy, and he held out the platter in the direction of the other male voice.

                “Mother baked these for you and your family as a welcome gift,” he said airily. He accepted the platter.

                “Yes, we live right down the street, if you’re really in a pinch. So is there anything I could do to help?” Mr. Hawthorne raised an eyebrow.

                “You? Not your boy here?” he asked. The blond woman nodded.

                “Felix here is blind.” There was an awkward silence between them and the blonde boy started feeling uneasy.

                “Okay then. I guess we could use another hand, my own boy’s been working pretty hard, maybe he and Felix can be friends. Come on, let’s go in.” He led the pair inside, carefully making sure to notify Felix of any steps or items in the way.

                “Axel. Take a break, make a friend. This is Felix, he and his folks live down the street.” The black-haired boy was adjusting their television. He stopped what he was doing and walked over. A potential friend, and so soon! When he neared them, he extended a hand out to Felix. When he didn’t take it, Axel slowly lowered his hand, taken aback and slightly insulted.

                “Oh, he’s blind,” the blonde mother explained. Axel’s spirits fell slightly, but he tried not to show it.

                “Okay. So uh, Felix, let’s go upstairs. To my room.” He put a hand on the shorter boy’s back and led him to the foot of the stairs, thankful that they were out of their parents’ sight.

                “Uhhh… I’m not sure how to lead you up the stairs. Any way you can explain or help?”

                “Put my hand on the banister.” He did. Felix slowly made his way, walking faster as he predicted each step better. Axel was surprised at how easily he had gotten used to his awkward spiral stairs.

                “So. Your room?: Felix smiled. Though he was straight, Axel couldn’t help but noticed how good-looking the blind boy was when he smiled. He shook the thought out of his mind. They chatted through the halls briefly.

                “How old are you, Felix?”

                “19. And you?”

                “Hey, we’re only two years apart. I’m 21. So here’s my room...” he said, pulling the younger boy into his room. It was all ready, everything in place. He’d worked on it before the rest of his house so at least something was finished. The older boy simply pushed Felix onto his bed and turned on his computer.

                “You like any music?”

                “Yea. I just can’t like movies and such.”

                “Oh? Who do you prefer?”

                “Mainstreamish or strange?”

                “Both.” The blonde boy thought for a moment.

                “Mainstream, Skrillex. Strange, DJ Sisen.”

                “Okay, I’ll just put on Skrillex, since I actually like him, too.” He played “Cinema”, and Felix smiled as he heard the familiar music start. He stayed quiet through the song, wishing he could see so he could read lyrics and sing along with some songs. Axel’s voice sounded good and complimented the metallic soundtrack. Then again, in his opinion, the black-haired boy was a pretty good singer.

                He let out a heavy sigh, causing the older boy to turn and ask, “Anything wrong?” He shook his head.

                “Nah, just thinking what it’d be like to see words. Well, I guess Braille’s alright, but eyes would be great.” A lump formed in his throat as he remembered the incident that took his sight away, Axel bit his lip nervously as he contemplated whether or not to ask him the next question on his mind. But his curiosity got the better of him.

                “I hope you don’t mind me asked, but how did you lose your sight? Or were you born without sight?” There was a tense, long silence before he answered.

                “I’d prefer not to talk about it. But I will tell you it was 5 years ago.” Axel turned off his computer monitor and the speakers. He joined Felix and sat on the bed.

                Wait what’s this? Are you seriously going to start making them bond right now? Fortuna asked.

                Yea, why not? Kylar shot back, beginning to feel the effects of the liquor truffles.

                Every time you bring them close, I throw in a hardship. Are you sure about this?

                I’m as sure as I am drunk.

                Okay then. Not sure you’ll win now.

                Just shut up and play.

                “So I lost something significant to me back then. You sure you don’t want to talk about it?” He didn’t know why, but he was determined to get to know this younger boy better.

                “Well… Fine. There was an accident, I don’t know the full story, all I know was that I went blind and someone else died. I was playing basketball with some friends when I felt a cold impact and blacked out. The lost person I saw was shaking me and crying… I had a crush on him and I’m pretty sure he committed suicide the first time he saw me in the hospital, blind. Guess he couldn’t stand seeing me like that... Didn’t even have a chance or time to confess.” The blonde boy teared up, recalling the face of his dead friend. His new friend studied his face for a moment.

                “We both didn’t have a very good time 5 years ago. I had an argument with my first girlfriend and… It wasn’t very pretty. We were on the balcony of her apartment and the railing broke when she leaned on it. Died on impact. Her parents gave me her necklace. The only times I saw her was before the fall, at the hospital, and the morgue. Nothing can compare to how much I miss her.” The older boy handed a tissue to Felix, who had been sobbing for the past minute.

                With this new information about their new companion, the two went on to share good memories and stories for two and a half hours, until Felix had to go home.


                “That was quite an interesting move right there. You sure you won’t regret it later?” Fortuna asked. Kylar popped another truffle in her mouth, shrugging.              

                “I’m drunk; we both know I’m going to regret something tomorrow morning.” Fortuna carefully slid a glass of water in place of the wine glass she had been enjoying. Normally, she’d laugh at how stupid and disoriented the angel girl was, drunk, but she was dead serious about this certain game.

                “I just wanted to take this seriously. You’re always the praised one, working under God, getting his recognition. I’ve always been the devil’s number one worker. Not exactly an achievement to be proud of. So be sober tomorrow, okay? At least for half this game.” She knew Kylar was drunk and she’d forget those words the next morning. She wasn’t going to show that side of her again. Well, maybe when Kylar’s drunk again.

                The two shared a living space, a nice, big modern-type house. Kylar was crazy about the design, but she obliged to buying it since Fortuna was a fan of complicated simplicity. The devil girl was always left alone in their house, since her friend was always out drinking. And drawing in useless and meaningless art classes. Her room was an art gallery in itself, countless pieces of art plastered to the walls. Kylar could even make beautiful pieces of artwork drunk. It was quite a sight to behold.

                When Fortuna finally managed to shove the angel girl through their door, she left the drunk girl’s body on the floor, not bothering to make an attempt to take her to her room. So, of course, Kylar woke up with not only a sore head, but also an aching back.

                “YOU GODDAMN HELLBEING, HAVE YOU NOT EVEN THE COURTESY TO WAKE ME UP?!” she bellowed as loudly as she could through the house. She was sure that even the neighbors could hear her voice. But, hey, that was the price to live near a blessed being. She sat up stiffly, pain washing through her body as she did so. The devil girl walked out wearing red lingerie, hair in a messy up do. She took one look at the disheveled girl on the floor and doubled over, laughing.

                “You brought this upon yourself! I mean, after three times I’ve left you on the floor, I’d thought you learned not to get too drunk!” She could barely breath, she was laughing so hard.

                A lock of blonde hung in the angel girl’s eyes, and she was disgusted as she shoved it out of her face.

                “Ugh, why’s God so objective to his servants having black hair?” Fortuna disappeared to the bathroom and reappeared holding a black comb. She tossed it to the girl on the floor.


                “Don’t mention it. By the way, you up for playing again today?” Kylar stopped coloring her hair for a moment.

                “Hm. Sure, why not? I’m actually looking forward to seeing your move, for future reference.” She nodded, and forced Kylar to get up.

                “Ah! Stop messing with my functions!” Sometimes, Ky just resented the fact that Satan had given Fortuna telepathy. Well, at least herself had telekinesis. She slammed her devilfriend into the wall she was leaning on and stood up gingerly. As she washed up in their bathroom, Fortuna transmitted a message to her from the kitchen, where she was making breakfast.

                Oh yea, Elana committed yesterday when you were passed out. Master’s creating one named Thesia, she said.

                Whoa, Elana? Why’d she commit?
                She wanted to try being a normal human being again. Anyways, pain in the ass because we have to teach another new one. How come you guys never get a commit?

                Because we’re angels. No pun intended. It’s just not us to go around and give up God. Who knows what we’ll be when we come back?

                I suppose. Anyways, come on. Go get dressed. I need to go greet the new one and you’re coming with me.

                Why am I going with you?

                Because I’m making you. Kylar sighed, knowing Fortuna’s telepathy had incredible power behind it. She threw on a black tank top, black shorts, and a long overcoat of matte silk.

                The devil immortal snickered when she saw her angelfriend.

                “Sometimes, you look even darker than I do.” She herself was wearing a white and black punk-style uniform. The angelgirl shrugged.

                “I’d rather wear this than those messed up looking white gowns.” She put on a couple of black rubber bracelets and revealed her wing profile. Fortuna revealed hers as well. They met with Thesia and for the next three hours, Kylar had to sit through a long, boring lecture about evil-doing and misfortunes. The newdevil seemed confused as to why there was an angel immortal at a devil’s lecture, but her questions were quickly answered when Fortuna explained she was waiting on her to finish the lecture.

                Finally, they were done, and Kylar had dozed off. The devil girl wore a straight face and kicked her awake. She awoke with a start, angered.

                “Wakey, wakey, time to play.” So they started the monitoring.

                And remember to try and correct my misfortunes, Fortuna reminded. 

The End

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