1. "How twisted this game could become."

Take a devil and an angel. Make one of them drunk.
Now take two humans. Make them have miserable lives.
Now, make the devil and angel best friends, and have them play a little game. Let's put those two humans together.
Welcome to the Matchmaker's Game.

                 Kylar stirred her wine cocktail, bored out of her mind. Her best friend and enemy, Fortuna, sat beside her.

                “You know, that’s not exactly healthy for you,” she said, eyeing the glass disapprovingly.

                “Not like I’m going to die of poor health any time soon.” It was a common joke around the Haven. Fifty immortals in a small town, where days are longer. Each of them aided either God or Satan in hardships and fortune, with regular breaks. “Besides, I’m bored and this tastes great.”

                Fortuna looked thoughtful. Well it wasn’t that surprising, she always was thinking of some way to cause mischief in honor of Satan. But this time, she actually had a working idea.

                “I’ve got a bit of a game if you’re interested. But we’ve gotta play in a way it won’t anger our masters. What do ya say?” she said. Kylar shrugged. She was bored enough to do anything.

                “So here’s how we do this. We get two people, I choose one, you choose one, and we get them together. I’ll be causing drama, you’re going to make them fall in love and stay together. You up for it?” It seemed simple enough. And it could be kind of entertaining, for a change. Kylar nodded. Her devilish friend smiled.

                “Choose first, Ky.” She handed her a long list of single guys. The angelic immortal chose a boy named Axel Hawthorne, an occasional drinker who lives with his parents to support them. Fortuna glanced at her choice.

                “Alright then, my turn.” She looked at another list, Kylar assumed, of girls. She was wrong.

                “I choose Felix Carreen. He’s blind and age 19, just two years younger than yours. Let’s brainstorm on our own for an hour about what we’ll do. Then we’ll start playing, yea?” Kylar nodded, dumbfounded that she hadn’t thought Fortuna would choose another boy.

                After an hour, they met up at the park. Kylar stole a glance at her friends brainstorm list. It was easily triple the length of her own.

                “To make your job easier, I’ve taken the liberty of making Axel move to Felix’s town. They’re going to move in about a week. Let’s just monitor them for this week, alright? Then we can begin some fun.” She closed her eyes and held six fingers in her lap. Kylar did the same, but with seven fingers. And she was now watching Axel.


                The tall black-haired boy was rummaging in one of his drawers for a pendant.

                “Hun, what is all that noise?” his mother’s voice rang out through the house.

                “I’m looking for the pendant!” he yelled back. His mother appeared in the doorway.

                “Axel, you have to let go of her sometime. She was your first, your father and I understand, but you were both sixteen at the time. You need someone new to help you,” she said. He shook his head.

                “This is all I have left of her, and I’d like to keep it alive. So I can tell her when I’ve found someone new,” he said.

                “Alright then, just don’t get hurt in the process. And pack faster, we’ve only got a couple days left.” She nodded at the mess in the room and left.

                He sighed and lay on his bed. Something on his right glinted gold. He reached over and his fingers snagged a chain. He kissed the blood-red key of ruby on the end. He tucked it into his pocket and finished packing up his room. There wasn’t much left in his room to take anyways. He grabbed his last couple suitcases and took them to his car.

                It was several hours later when he found himself looking at some Facebook messages on his phone. He saw the same usual whores, the same relationship updates. This time, his father called for him.

                “Axel, come on. We’re getting out of here and we’re gonna start unpacking a little over there,” he called. The tall boy sat up, rubbing his eyes. He walked downstairs and out the door.

                When they got to the new house, the first thing his mother suggested he do was meet their new neighbors.

                “Mom, I’ll go tomorrow. It’s nine at the moment, isn’t that a little inconvenient for them?” She nodded.

                “But make sure you do so, alright? Now let’s go help your father unpack and place our couch in the living room.” After that, he laid out his mattress as a temporary sleeping area. The pillows were still in the car and he was exhausted.

                His mother woke him up again at two in the morning. It was another trip to collect more of their belongings. He decided not to go and went to sleep instead.


                Kylar opened her eyes seconds before Fortuna did.

                “How’s your boy?” the devilish girl asked.

                “He’s alright. And yours?” she asked back.

                “Well, he’s blind, so as well as someone who can’t see is,” it was a little strange  to hear something like that in such a nonchalant tone.

                “Alright then. We’ll continue this next week and we’ll start the game, yea?” Fortuna said. Ky nodded.

                The angel girl went to bed, thinking about what possible things could happen between two guys. It didn’t seem likely, for a good fraction of her life, she had paired up countless couples. But now, she has the challenge of two males. How does that work?

                Kylar was no doubt the least sober of all the immortals, and she hated it whenever someone tried to separate her from a glass of wine. She was one of God’s servants, but even he couldn’t make her stop drinking. He threatened to take away her immortality, but she was no doubt the most productive one out of them. She knew what she did, and she did it best drunk. She wondered how twisted this game could become.

                That week she monitored Axel carefully, made sure he moved safely. Fortuna promised the safety of Felix, too.

                The two shared a bowl of liquor truffles. Fortuna carefully separated the strawberry ones from the red wine ones. When she finished, she nodded at Kylar and held her six fingers. The drunk immortal did the same with seven.


                “Felix, wake up, dear. We’ve got new neighbors down the street. I think we should go meet them.” The blonde boy sat for a few moments to register the voice as his mother’s.              

                “But Mom, they live down the street. I understand if they’re like next door or a house over, but isn’t an entire street a little far?” In honesty, he wouldn’t have minded, but he didn’t want someone new judging him for being blind.

                “Come on, let’s just go. I’ll choose a nice outfit for you.” His mother dragged him out of bed and thrust a few articles of clothes into his arms.

                “There you go. Now get dressed, meet me downstairs in the living room” He nodded, waited until he heard his mother leave the room, and changed slowly. Feeling carefully for shirt tags and belt loops, he carefully put on the clothes. Sometimes, if he wasn’t careful enough, he would wear something backwards or inside-out. It was mortifying, those days.

                It took him ten minutes to feel confident about how he was wearing his clothes. He made his way carefully downstairs, carefully making sure not to trip.

                As he arrived in the living room, he could hear the smile in his mom’s voice. He felt a warm platter being pushed into his arms.

                “Okay, don’t drop this. I’ll lead you down the street, and I’ll do the talking.” He sighed and nodded. She grabbed the sleeve on his shirt and walked slowly outside.

                “Mom, we can walk a little faster. I’m blind, but I still have a sense of walking.”

                “Okay.” They sped up considerably and made their way down the street. Outdoors wasn’t exactly his preferred place to be, but what choice did he have now?

The End

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