The MassageMature

Her skin reacts to his touch, tingly heat that lasts after his hands have moved on.

His enigmatic hands, like silk over steel cables, a soft and gentle exterior hiding solid strength.  The explore her body and she wears a face of last stand resistance.  But, her body tells a different story: she wants him to take her.

And he knows it.

So he plays the part, a cordial and respectful lover.  He takes his time, exploring her known areas, tasting places he's known before.   His lips find the base of her neck as he finds the knots in her shoulders. He undoes them, with slow and rythmic kneading.  Enough pressure to release the tension, and enough pain to keep her awake. Attentive.

She moans as he hits just the right spot. Each movement of his thumb and fingers sends shivers down her spine, deep into her, to her toes and fingers.  Tightly bound knots flare in new pain, explode into relaxed pleasure.

How long have those been there she wonders?  The pain they held was baseline, below the threshold of irritation, but still there.

She moans again, another knot gone. This one was right next to her spine, unknown before he found it. Now that its gone, he posture relaxes.

He pulls her back against his stomach, a rush explodes along her skin at his touch.  It zips out from her waist where he holds her, deep into her, and out along her limbs.   He holds her for a moment, breaths out hot breath next to her and she feels it in her ear.  Then mirrored in the other.

He grasps her left hand firmly, his hand wrapped around her wirst. His right hand runs along her fingers, down her arm, removing tension from the taut and toned muscles.  When he finishes with her left, he repeats on her right arm, stopping to work out the stress he finds.

Her eyes are closed, each touch is a fire on her skin, raging pleasure that reverberates through her like an music in crystal glasses.  She is lost now.  Submerged in a world that he's put her into.  A warm cocoon has enveloped her thoughts and her being, comfort and pleasure and bliss.

She is his.

His lips find hers, and they kiss.

The End

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