chapter 4 page 9-10Mature

“So what training do you have with that thing?” William asked with a nod to Gabriel’s halberd, so as to change the subject. The blonde man smiled.

                “I spent seven years as a Knight-Initiate to Sir Richard of Walmoth. He taught me how to use swords, lances and all other knightly weapons too, but I’ve always preferred the Halberd... it’s always seemed more versatile even if it is a pain to use on horseback.”

                “I can imagine,” William agreed, eyeing the heavy steel weapon. It was generally a two handed weapon, and unless Gabriel could direct his horse using only his legs he couldn’t see him being able to use both arms – which meant either he was stronger than he looked or he was very lucky in fights.

                “Can I ask you something, William?” Gabriel said, his voice becoming pensive... even nervous.

                “Go ahead,”

                “How can you trust us? Morgana and I. I mean, we met yesterday, but here you are following us to some unknown place to meet someone who is rumoured to have done some fairly unsavoury things.”

                “Truth is, Gabriel, I don’t - but from what i understand Whisper can look straight into your soul. She would know if you were lying or meant to harm us. That’s all the guarantee I really need.” He told Gabriel with a sigh but also a smile. The day was to beautiful to waste on sad thoughts and second guessing himself.

                “How did you meet her?” he asked - his eyes almost aflame with curiosity.

                “Literally picked up her up on the road a few weeks back,” William laughed.

                “So... how can you trust her?”

                “I don’t. But the way i look at it, it’s not like my life was exactly safe with a bounty on my head so I’m taking a gamble.”

                “You like to live dangerously, don’t you?” Gabriel chuckled.

                “Well, life would be fairly boring without an element of risk,” he grinned back at him. He may not trust Gabriel but he was certainly starting to like the cheerful young warrior. Maybe this journey would take him some place he wanted to go. Or maybe not... the only thing that he knew for certain is that he wouldn’t find out until he got there.

The End

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