chapter 4 page 7-8Mature

The one thing she hadn’t expected to see when she had snuck into the kitchen so that she could pilfer food from the pantry was Soren to be stood preparing breakfast for them all.

                “I sincerely hope, mistress, you weren’t planning on stealing food? I do believe the stores haven’t recovered from the last time you decided to have a midnight snack.” He said in an emotionless voice with his back to her. He was still in his leather armour, which Morgana realised, meant he had not long since arrived and hence, hadn’t slept.

                “Soren, I’m hurt,” she pouted, “I’m not that bad.”

                “I entirely disagree, mistress.”

                “Oh fine,” she said snippily, “just hurry up and make me something. I’m absolutely starving!”

                “It’ll be on your plate the moment it’s ready mistress.” He assured her, “Now if you would please wait in the dining hall and allow me to work.”


                It was just getting to noon by the time they left the house. Gabriel had taken a fair amount of time with his scale and breastplate armour. He had also had to fit the barding to his horse. Apparently he was not only Morgana’s butler but also her bodyguard and William certainly found him much more menacing when he was coated in steel and carrying his Halberd.

                Of course there had been the food as well. William had no idea how Morgana could eat so much. The amount of supplies probably weighed more than Gabriel’s warhorse’s barding and it was, supposedly, only two or three days travel. It was not really a journey he really wanted to take. It would put him in the middle of a mountain of danger of a kind so much more profound than the hunters that he’d been avoiding the past couple of months.

                Still, Whisper was more than happy as she went along. Swift had caught up with them moments after they left the city gates. Gabriel had immediately moved to intercept the beast and had only relaxed when Morgana ordered him to. Now that Whisper was with him again there was a smile of content on her face. He supposed a Dragonchild knew what she was doing and hoped that this misadventure wouldn’t get him thrown in a dungeon or killed.

                After an hour or two William couldn’t really stand the awkward silence anymore.

                “So how do you two know each other?” he blurted out. Gabriel turned to him and lifted his visor.

                “Me and Lady Morgana?” he asked and William nodded. “She adopted me as a child... nearly twenty years ago, isn’t that right, Milady?”

                “It was exactly eighteen years ago, Gabriel, you know that,” she laughed back. William was taken completely off guard by that. Morgana didn’t look more than a year or two older than himself, how was it possible she’d adopted someone eighteen years ago? “You’re looking confused, William, why don’t we just say I’m older than I look and leave it at that, shall we?”

The End

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