chapter 4 page 5-6Mature

Gabriel stepped through with a silver tray balanced in one hand. He was still wearing the same cheerful expression on his face. On the tray was a large, open crystalline container of amber liquid with four similarly fashioned glasses.

                “I thought milady would prefer haste when i came to the alcohol,” he smirked “so i took the liberty of delivering it personally.”

                “Single malt, Erainian 1452?” she almost squealed, “You always did have a good eye for luxuries, Gabriel.” He took a moment to place the silverware on the table before bowing at the praise.

                “Not quite as remarkable as your sense of smell, it seems,” William remarked quietly.

                “Oh hush,” she grinned as she poured out a generous measure into her glass. “Feel free to help yourselves, everyone. We need to savour life’s little treasure’s while we can!”

                William decided to abstain from the drink. He didn’t particularly enjoy whiskey and there was little sense getting so drunk that he would regret it in the morning. He found as the evening wore on, however, that he probably wouldn’t actually have had more than a few sips before Morgana and, surprisingly, Whisper got through the rest of the bottle. Morgana barely seemed to notice but there was a definite teetering quality to Whisper’s steps after the meal was done and everyone was shown to their rooms.

                As he lay inside his room, William realised he was going to have trouble sleeping. After a couple of months sleeping in taverns or on the open ground had made him accustomed to it and now this mattress was too soft for any real rest. He sighed and resigned himself to a fitful night.


                Morgana woke the moment that dawn broke. Her eyes fluttered open as the first colourful rays of the morning crept through her window. She yawned, stretched and lay for a few minutes more in her warm comfy bed. The few minutes became half an hour and then a whole hour before she dragged herself up. She touched the star medallion on her bedside table and focussed for a while before sending it a brief pulse of magic. She instantly felt awake and she of energy.

                Pushing herself out of bed she moved immediately to her mirror and checked it, the same as every other morning. She quickly and immaculately styled her hair before stepping hastily to her wardrobe. Within a few minutes she found herself more than presentable. She smiled with a sense of satisfaction – what took others an hour or two of careful preparation only took her a handful of minutes to accomplish.

                Lastly she gathered up her jewellery and carefully slipped every piece into its proper place... specifically stopping to take her pipe out of its hiding place. She carefully took it out of its case to inspect it. Her friend would not be pleased if it was dirty or damaged. The moment she was satisfied it was in the proper condition she put it away and hurried downstairs.

The End

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