chapter 4 page 3-4Mature

William wasn’t surprised that the style of the hall was exactly the same as the rest of the house. Glass and marble were the predominant features though the redwood tables and chairs were something unique to the hall. He politely took a seat where Morgana gestured and Whisper took the chair opposite him.

                “So, questions?” she started.

                “You’re a magician,” William said, though it was certainly more of a statement more than a question. One does not talk openly of rebellion in a tavern – especially when one was going on – without some guarantee that you wouldn’t be heard.

                “Enchantress, actually, but let’s keep this to more relevant matters,” she told him politely.

                “What exactly does this man need my help with,” Whisper interjected.

                “Well I am certain you’ve heard of the Sisterhood of Nilda, yes? Of course you do. Every magic user does... mainly because they’re the one group of people we fear the most. Their magic has been the Royalist’s greatest weapon against Masquerade’s campaign - especially their leader, who is the daughter of the Dragon of Light.” Then she gave Whisper a very direct look, “you, on the other hand, are the daughter of the Dragon of Essence which, if i am correct, gives you power over the souls of others?” Whisper nodded mutely. “well, as you know, magic is an almost direct product of the soul. What Masquerade needs you for is to nullify any magic brought to bear in important battles or reconnaissance work.”

                William’s mind staggered. The implications of the conversation were staggering. The children of Dragons were, without a doubt, the most magically gifted individuals that have ever existed. The fact that one was involved in the internal politics of Albion was astounding enough but that his travelling companion was another? The thought shook him at the very core.

                “Wait,” he interrupted, “even if Whisper is a Dragonchild, she’s still only one person and can only be in one place at one time.”

                “That is why she will only be deployed at the express command of Masquerade – since he knows what parts of the plan are the most valuable.”

                “What about William?” Whisper asked cautiously.

                “You,” Morgana said, staring directly at him in a way he found faintly unnerving, “will be working with me. Mostly, your job will entail protecting her but we will, sometimes, require your services as a spy.”

                “You realise I have no experience or training, right? And it’s not as if Albion is greeting visitors with open arms,” he told her bluntly.

                “You’re an unknown and that’s all we need,” she smiled sweetly – which in itself was faintly disturbing. “Besides, think of it as an opportunity to gain new skills.”

                “I should have known there would be lunatic’s involved in this countries unrest,” he sighed. She just laughed harder. A moment later she stopped, curiously sniffing the air. Suddenly her eyes brightened as the door swung open.

The End

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