chapter 3 page 9-10Mature

“So,” she continued in her sultry voice, “Are you interested in what we have to offer?”

                “First, I want to know who your employer is.”

                “I’m certain you’ve heard of him. He calls himself Masquerade these days.” She told him casually. His eyes immediately flashed around the room but no one was paying them the slightest bit of attention. He suspected Morgana had something to do with that.

                “So what does the masquerade want with Whisper? And what do you want with me?” he asked.

                “Since the Sisterhood will put you on the pyre with this Whisper of yours if you contact them or the royalists, I suppose there’s no harm telling you. Masquerade wants Whisper because she is a magician that can rival the maiden of light which might tilt the war in his favour as that has been the only royalist trump card so far.”

                “And what of me?”

                “Mostly, I want to watch you. To see what you become in all of this. Whisper already has great power but you, in contrast, are an unknown. That is something that interests me greatly. There are other things of course, but they can wait until later.” He couldn’t tell why, but the word later filled him with apprehension.

                “So, assuming Whisper and I agree to follow you, what is the plan?”

                “We leave this place immediately. I’ve spotted several unsavoury things and I’ve been here less than ten minutes. You and Whisper will stay the night in my home and the next day, we ride out to meet my employer. From there, I guess it’s up to him,” she shrugged.

                A few minutes later Whisper emerged from the bathhouse. Now that she was free from the accumulated dirt and her hair wasn’t a tangled mess William found that she was surprisingly pretty. Not beautiful or striking but an almost ordinary, almost naive and bright eyed appeal. He suddenly found himself blushing.

                Whisper’s reaction took him off guard, however. She entirely ignored him entirely and moved straight to Morgana.

                “I’ve been expecting you,” she said simply, her pale eyes locking with the deep crimson of Morgana’s.

                “Well, that’s a relief,” Morgana laughed “Will you be accompanying me then?”

                “Lead the way.”

The End

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