chapter 3 page 5-6Mature

“So...” whisper began “this place is a shelter that you pay for?” William was almost used to this by now. When they had started out he had actually had to explain the concept of trade to her. She’d only grasped the concept of currency in the past few days. He nodded and relaxed. This was as good a time as any to get questions out of the way. “How strange,” she said simply, looking around.”

                “Well, you may wish to take a bath while you’re here,” William suggested. How the innkeep had taken so long to notice her wild appearance was beyond him. She stood out like a wolf among sheep. “For the sake of appearances if nothing else,” he added.

                “What’s wrong with my appearance?” she asked, shocked. He gave her a withering look.

                “You like you were raised by a pack of wolves,” he told her bluntly.

                “They had nothing to do with my upbringing,” she protested, her eyes narrowing.

                “Either way, you stand out – which is exactly what we don’t want... we’ve been here less than ten minutes and already we’re being stared at. “ said, nodding towards several of the other patrons.

                “You’re exaggerating,” she said. “But... you say this place has warm water?”


                William sat deep in thought. The absence of Whisper meant that he actually had some peace and quiet. Hopefully her peasant disguise would hold. William himself had little to fear – aside from getting caught up in all of the political turmoil in Albion. Whisper, however he thought about it, was in a lot of danger.

                Whoever she had come to help was probably better off without her aid. The sisterhood in Albion were all light magicians who specialised in finding things that didn’t want to be found and exposing them. The very essence of what light does. In the case of other magicians outside the sisterhood that usually meant the light would also destroy them. It was a savage practice.

                More worrying then that, the head of the sisterhood – known as the maiden of light – was, if Xavier’s information was correct, the most talented light magician in the world. The creation mage had spoken with reverence and almost fear when he spoke of her.

                Then there was the trouble of the rebellion. The sisterhood were on high alert by the order of the king. They were looking for any sign of trouble, which only increased whisper’s chances of being caught. He put his head in his hands and tried thinking through the problem from a different angle. There had to be a way to get Whisper to her destination and get back out as fast as possible.

                That, in itself, presented an entirely new set of problems. Whisper had no idea where she was supposed to go short of Albion. She had no notion of who she was supposed to help of any idea where to find them. Which made the task, in all honesty, impossible. His shoulders slumped in defeat he admitted the possibility that he may even have to abandon her. 

The End

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