chapter 2 page 7-8Mature

The man rushed forwards and Dean quickly sidestepped and sent out a flashing swipe. The assassin recovered to fast for him to capitalise on his early advantage, but it hardly mattered. Soon guards would arrive to help.

                It was then that he noticed the sound of clashing steel came from outside as well. There was more than one traitor. He grimaced as he realised he may need to finish this fight alone. He had no reservations about it but it was a risk, one a commander shouldn’t take if his troops were engaged – if he should fall prey to this it would be a devastating blow to morale.

The assassin took advantage of the distraction and attacked again - This time Ambrose knew exactly what to do. He swept his blade behind and as the assassin closed he swirled around, both sidestepping the man and driving his sword through his kidney before the assassin’s momentum tore the steel out of his side. The man swayed for a moment as he realised what had happened and launched a desperate final attack, which Ambrose effortlessly parried and punched the man in the face, sending the man sprawling to the floor where he passed out.

The command post was already beginning to reek as he left and as he emerged he saw the chaos that had engulf the field fort. The scene before him paralyzed him. It wasn’t one assassin, it wasn’t even a group. The entire hawk detachment. They had all turned to his cause...


The Masquerade watched as realisation dawned on the knight-commander’s face. The plan had worked flawlessly. He had located the Hawk division and left Caena in charge of the forest forces. At night he had infiltrated their camp and poisoned their rations. By next morning there were no survivors.

Then he marched his own forces in, collecting their undamaged equipment and disguising them until they entered the command fort so revered in Albion military tactics. The trap was sprung and now the fort was his, leaving only the two infantry companies and the cavalry company – which would fall easily enough without leadership.

Masquerade stepped forwards, the soul-blade slipping effortlessly out of his sheath. He strode confidently to the knight-commander. Soon the knight spotted him and charged. His charge stopped just short and his blade flew out to meet the Masquerade’s counter-charge. He almost didn’t have time to dodge- a sign that his opponent was not to be underestimated.

He waited until the knight began his attack and parried, simple contact with the soul-blade destroyed the very essence of the steel and the blade disintegrated where it touched his weapon. Now the knight was unarmed, he finished him with a quick thrust to the heart and watched as the man’s eyes bulged in their sockets. Now, the Masquerade thought as he smiled under his mask, they will fall.

The End

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