chapter 1 page 8-9Mature

As watched as she fell into stride beside him he tried to ask her who she was and why she had decided to tag along.

                What he did not expect that with a simple look from her he felt calm, as if she was telling him everything was fine. It took him a while but he finally voiced his questions to her. She sighed and his mind was filled with images of a forest, her running through it. When he asked what she was doing there was simply nothing.

                “So,” he said finally, “I’m guessing you can’t speak Viispik then?” she nodded to his question and tapped her chest gently. The image in his mind was one of white lights lifting from a peacefully dying man. “So you speak through souls?” he guessed. She nodded again “go figure,” he laughed.

                They carried on for a while. At first, William had wanted her to leave, her wolf attracted attention from everyone that passed them on the roads, more so by the fact that none of the pack animals or mounts were even slightly perturbed by the massive predator. Eventually though, he began to enjoy the conversation, even if it was awkward to interpret the feelings and images she was feeding him instead of words. He wondered if his sudden change in attitude was her doing, and that made him very panicky.

                He had met a wizard before but Xavier had been a simple creation wizard. That was all. He had no method of touching souls or minds. This new witch could and he had no idea as to her limits. Could she force him to accept her by tampering with him using magic? He supposed, of course, if she could do it to him then she could also do it to anyone that might want to harm them. At the very least he was probably safer with her.

                Whether it was her doing or not, it didn’t change that she was interesting. He wondered what she was doing out of her forest, out in the world of humanity. Someone who wanders out of the forest with a talent for magic? That wasn’t something that happened often. And if by some chance she had a reason to do so then it was likely to be something to see.


                It wasn’t like he had anything better to do.

The End

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