The MasqueradeMature

William Faust is on the run, disowned by his family and a price on his head. In his travels he meets a strange young girl by the name of Whisper and in no time at all he is swept up in the power struggles between the rebellion and the loyalists of the neighboring kingdom.

                “I’ve written many tales in my time. Some great poems of the loves i have encountered, others of my epic adventures in the world and also heartwrenching tragedies born of the sadness i have witnessed in the world. All of these have been, in some shape or form, altered from the truth. I am, after all, an artist – not a historian. This story, however, deserves nothing less than the whole truth – and so today I bid a fond farewell to artistic liscence.”

                -an extract from ‘the Daughter of the Dragon’ by William Faust


                Her earliest memory was that of her father’s face. It wasn’t human, like her, but instead it was old and wizened, constructed by the very foundations of nature. The crust of bark that shifted into a smile as it played the role of his skin was surmounted by two small trees that were in place of his horns. A small stream the flowed out of a hole in the back of his head flowed out majestically and dropped from his neck almost like a mane. His teeth were the dull gray of granite and his eyes were lit by the grey light of his soul.

                Aside from that image nothing was really clear from her earliest childhood. As she grew and the years passed her memory became clearer. She wasn’t alone as a child, though no person had ever even seen her. She remembered listening to the stories the trees told her, finally relieved to have someone to which could tell their tales. Of course, most of it was gossip – as it was passed on like a game of whispers from one tree to another so the whole forest knew about everything that happened. Eventually.

The End

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