NaNoWriMo July 2014

Dear Diary

Today I went to school and we went on a trip to the Aquarium again even thogh its the third time that ive been and its getting a little bit boring now but I don't like to make a fuss. There were a lot of fish and because I writed down all of the ones on the list I was given I got a little shiny notepad with white and pink sparkles on as a gift with a cute little fairy on the front. I hope I never lose it, or should I say you. Then after we came back from the Aquarium I went home and had a very big tea of fish fingers and chips that were very nice with ketchup over the top. Then I went into my imaginary world, where I was Queen of Fairies and I ruled over the whole of the land and world and everyone loved me and it was really good. You could say it was fairy good!

Something else that happened was that I got a strange gift of a man when I walked back from school. I feel really happy when I walk back from school because it is like I'm a grown up and really mature so I really like it. It was in a little box wrapped tightly so I openeded it and found a little heart with a string and two holes. When I showed my friends that night, because I knew my parents wouldn't let me keep it, they said it was a mask and told me to try it on but I said it was to nice to have on outside when I was playing in case it got dirty. I was going to put it on before but it was tea time so I waited but now I have the time to do that because I did all my homework.

I'll tell you how it goes tomorrow

Erica x

The End

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