Alberto: Balloon Sellers

Alberto was counted as a silly man. Well, many people claimed that he was, but there was nothing that Alberto thought was silly about him.

So today, as he sat in a subway tunnel, dressed in the rags he always was in, he spied a little balloon seller, walking down the tunnel holding the hand of a larger balloon seller.

“‘cuse me sir! May I buy dat balloon ya have?” He leaned over and tapped the little balloon seller on his shoulder.

“Get away from my son.” The big balloon seller pushed his hand away while pulling the little balloon seller back.

“Daddy, the beggar wants one of my birthday balloons.” The little balloon seller looked up at the big one.

“Just ignore him.” The big balloon seller said, beginning to walk off.

“Hey!” Alberto shouted. “Dat’s rude.”

They kept walking.

“Come back! Yer rude balloon sellers!”

“Excuse me sir.” A passerby tapped him on the shoulder. “I don’t believe they’re balloon sellers.”

“Den what are dey? Dey gotta dose balloons in der ‘ands.”

“Are you stupid sir? Just because someone has balloons in their hands doesn’t make them a balloon seller.”

“Huh?” Alberto froze for a minute before he straightened himself up with a serious expression on his face. “Oh yeah. I am stupid. You see, I've been diagnosed wid 'abnor'ally low IQ', whateva dat is.”

And then he proceed to trip on his shoelace and fall through the wall.

And then there was light.

Was he in heaven?

The End

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