Convergence of Worlds

The blinding light ceased to be as Core pulled his hands away from his face.  Blinking a few times to get the color back into his eyes seemed to be a lost cause.  Core found himself in a large white room.  It was circular from what he could tell.  Along the walls, archways stood in intervals, empty.  Walking near the wall, Core realized that there was no wall, but a void.  There were no doors or entrances within the archways, that he could see.

"Welcome to the ARK!"

A familiar voice called out behind him.  He turned to face a protruding platform in the middle of the floating room.  Sane stood there with his cloak covering half his face.  He smirked as his arm revealed itself, and motioned towards everything.

"A trans-dimensional nexus that connects many different dimensions and worlds."

"Well that explains a few of my questions, right off the bat.  What I wanna know, though, is why did you bring me here?  Is this another one of your summoning rituals?  I am not taking part in another one of those.  The last time that happened.."

Core cringed.

"That cat.."

Sane sighed and motioned for him to calm down.

"Nothing of the sort.  Sort of."

"Sort of?"

"There is a summoning.."

"I knew it!"

".,but you are one of the summons."

Core scratched his head.  He never did get what this wizard said.  Never did make any sense.  Though, Boco never does either..  Core shook his head.  Now was not the time to think about 'him'.  His head popped up at him being a summon.

"I'm sorry?  What?"

Sane drew in a long breath.

"You have been chosen to go on a quest."

"Yeah, figured that."

"By the Essences themselves."

"Wait!  Whoa!  Time out!"


"You're not spouting out your 'Essence' mumbo-jumbo again, are you?"

"What if I am?  They are not 'mumbo-jumbo', Core.  They are real, and they have chosen you."

Core rolled his eyes and looked around the area.  At that time, two of the archways glowed before a swirling portal appeared, where there once was nothing.  A third just glowed with nothing coming up.

"What the heck is this?"

Core asked as he turned around.  Now, where Sane once stood, an altar stood with an apothecary belt on it.  He walked over to the belt, noticing that it held several vials of green liquid, and a note.  Picking up the note, it read:

Dear Core,

I know that you don't believe in the Essences, but you have been chosen by the very ones you cast aside.  Do not think this a ridiculous quest, as I foretell much success and victory in your endeavors.  You will meet with the other chosen ones soon.  The belt carries a magical serum that transforms into your weapons.  Use them wisely.

Grand Magi, Sane

p.s.  Boco ate the table while we were gone.

Core stared at the note for a few seconds before putting the belt on.  It was big, but adjustable to his size.  It felt awkward to him, but he would get over it.  Now, he needed to meet with these 'chosen few' and figure out what these 'Essences' wanted

The End

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