"AHHHHHUGH!" I screamed again, struggling to get away from the two big, burly men in white. They didn't understand! I'm just trying to warn them and they don't understand. They don't understand.. They don-.. They don-..


    I wake up on a hard, cold surface. There are white lights above me and when I turn my head, I see two men and a woman talking in the hallway. One of the men wearing a white lab coat. I'm strapped down and there's an I.V. in my arm. I wiggle a little bit, just to see how tight the bonds are.

    "It's no use. He always makes sure the bonds are tight." I turn my head to see a tall man-boy in a dark green t-shirt. That t-shirt matches his eyes, I think.

    "That t-shirt matches your eyes." A lock of curly hair falls in my face. I try to blow it away, but it's stubborn.

   "I know," he says and walks over to move the curl away from my face. "You need to be sane if you want to leave this place."

  "What if I'm not?" I jerk my head away from his touch. 

    "Not sane?" he asks.

   I nod as the cell door opens and the people from the hallway come in. The woman goes to stroke my cheek, but I jerk away from her touch, too. The man leans against the wall next to the door, ready to bolt. The other man in the white lab coat stands at the foot of whatever I'm tied to.

   "What are you doing in here? Get out, this is private." The man in the lab coat says.

    Whoever the man-boy was leaves without another glance at me. I laugh at the irony. The man and woman without lab coats are my parents and they try so hard. Oh, do they try. The man in the white, now, he doesn't try. His son just walked out, probably to do something destructive, and he's in here. Quite amusing. Quite.

    "Now, what is so funny? Prescilene?" The man asks. He has this wrinkle between his brows that shows his false concern.

    "It's funny, because you don't care about your son in the green t-shirt that matches his eyes." I look over at my parents. "Meanwhile, my parents care too much about me. They put me in here, but I'll get out in about two seconds. You might want to cover your eyes."

   Before the shocked adults can say a word, this blinding light shines from above and everything goes still.

The End

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