There is trouble brewing between worlds- a rift has been torn in the borders of different dimensions that separate reality from fiction, the past from the future, etc. If this rift grows wider and opens completely, everything will merge into each other. It's up to us to stop it. . .
Moneymaker- Suspense
Cassi- Romance
Dylon- Action/Adventure
Hirru- Fantasy
Linda- Comedy
Max- Sci-fi

     Kat mewed for attention, rubbing up against my arm as I sat on the couch, watching a movie with Rein. I stroked her head and scratched under her chin. "You're such a good kitty," I cooed as she lay down and rolled on her back.

     Rein nonchalantly reached his arm around my shoulder. When he saw my questioning glance, he asked, "What? Am I not allowed?"

     I laughed. "No, it's not that."

     "Then what's on your mind?" he inquired, pulling me closer to him.

     I shrugged, looking at the TV. "I don't know, it's just. . . Something feels off to me."

     "Yeah, I know what you mean. The weather's been acting really weird lately."

     I shook my head. "I don't think it's just the weather that's being strange."

     He squeezed me reassuringly. "Don't worry about it. It's probably just nothing, like usual. Let's just try to relax and finish this movie." I nodded in agreement, but it was a forced action.

     There's something going on, I thought to myself, and I have a feeling that it's not good.


     The two of us went to a party that night. Our friend, Gabrielle, was hosting it at her house, since she had a big pool in the back. Rein dressed in a casual collared shirt that he wore unbuttoned, so as to show the shape-hugging T-shirt that he had under it, with a pair of khakis and sandals. I wore a casual blouse that flattered my curves, along with my favorite pair of skinny jeans and fancy flip-flops that matched my shirt.

     We got there around 9 o'clock at night. As the time got later, the sky got darker. By 11 o'clock, pitch-black clouds were all that we could see when we looked up.

     Nervous, I made my way through a crowd of people by the pool and found Rein. "C'mon," I said, grabbing his hand, "I think we should get going."

     "Whaaat, you're leaving??" Gabrielle said in a squeaky voice.

     She's drunk again, I thought with a roll of my eyes, then nodded. "Yes, Gabby, we're leaving. The weather's getting worse, so we should get home before a storm hits."

     I began to pull Rein away, but she ran in front of us. "Waaait, you can't go, yet! We haven't even cut the cupcakes!"

     Letting go of Rein's hand, I put my hands on her shoulders to steady her, then spoke slowly and deliberately, "They're cupcakes, Gabby. You don't cut them. We have to go now, but I'll call you tomorrow to check in. Okay?"

     She nodded with half-closed eyes. "Mmkay. . . I think I'll. . . go home, too."

     I sighed. "Gabby, you are home. You don't need to go anywhere. In fact, give me your keys. I want to make sure you stay here tonight."

     "But―" she started. The look on my face was enough to cut her off.

     "No 'buts'. Give me the keys. It's not for my satisfaction, it's for your safety. C'mon, Gabby." She groaned, then staggered into the house and to the kitchen to find her keys.

     A few minutes later, she came back out with the keys to her car. "Here," she said grudgingly.

     "Thank you," I replied, taking the keys and hugging her. "I'll see you soon."

     Rein had stood next to me through the whole drunkenness ordeal. I asked him why he didn't go off to say goodbye to some of his buddies, and he answered with a shrug, "I already told a few of them that I was about to go, anyways. I didn't wanna stay here much longer."

     We clasped hands again and started out towards our car. When we found it, Rein unlocked the doors with a little remote and we got in.

     There was a brief silence before he began. "Well, that was a nice rerun."

     Sighing, I replied, "I know. I don't think there's anything we can do about it."

     "You know," he said slyly, "we could just stop coming to these parties."

     I looked at him, playing along. "Oh yeah? And what boring thing would we have to do alone together on a Saturday night?"

     He grinned, then paused for effect before saying, "Scrabble." We both laughed.


     The car pulled up and into the driveway. "Home sweet home," Rein said with a happy sigh.

     "Mhm," I hummed in agreement.

     We had just gotten to the front door of our apartment when suddenly, there was a large break in the clouds, giving way to a light sky― actually much lighter than it should've been for the middle of the night. Alarmed, I noticed the abrupt change in color and looked up. Rein followed my eyes just as a huge flash tore through the sky, blinding both of us. We fell to the ground and he wrapped himself around me as a way of protection.

     Well, I thought to myself in panic, I don't think I'll be calling Gabby to check in tomorrow.

The End

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