The Mark of Athena: Continued

Loud footsteps echoed through the hallway as one of the trolls, standing as a guard for the cells, made his routinely patrol towards their cell. He stopped and glared icily through the bars at them. “Stop with your hand stuff!” He snapped at Celes, turning to make sure that Hector knew that stood for him too.  Percy made a face as the troll turned his back to them; their voices, deep and mucus-filled, sounded as ugly as their welt-covered faces looked.

            It stomped away, its club resting on its broad, lumpy shoulder. “Your dinner will arrive soon!” The troll called just before dungeon door slammed shut.

            Running his fingers through his dark hair, Celes shook his head. “Ugly, aren’t they?” He asked no-one in particular, as if he was trying to lighten to mood. He forced himself to smile, casting a glance down the hallway as he added, “Those guys make Hades look good, eh?”

            This caused a small smile to tug at Percy’s lips; the closest he’d gotten to a full smile since he’d found himself here. “That’s true,” he said, remembering his ‘adventures’ to the underworld. Neither of his visits had been very pleasant, he thought as he remembered how Hades had almost killed him when Percy met him the first time, but they reminded him of his friends and family.

            Celes edged closer to Percy’s side and whispered quietly. “Now that I know the guards are truly gone and they’re done patrolling for the hour,” he began, “I can tell you about my plan to break us out of here.”

The End

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