The Mark of Athena: Continued

Light flickered into the jail cell where Percy was being kept; the torches in the hallway were the only form of light he ever saw anymore. He sat in the corner, on the bottom bed of the bunk-bed he shared with his cellmate, Celes. The heavy-built teenage demigod had been in the cell when Percy had regained consciousness and found himself here, two weeks ago.

            “Don’t even think of getting out of here,” was the first thing that Celes had told him. “You’ll get us both killed, and that won’t do either of us any good.”

            Now, Celes was sitting in front of the bars, speaking sign-language to the small, blonde haired boy in the cell across the hallway. Percy watched with interest, figuring the boy to be about thirteen. A little young to be here, he thought to himself.

            “His name is Hector,” Celes said quietly, keeping his voice down so he wouldn’t attract the guards, as he turned to look at him. Percy swallowed hard, still trying to get used to the amber-colored eyes that the larger boy had. They seemed to be filled with mystery. “He’s been down here for a year.”

            That statement only added to the doubt that was growing in Percy’s mind. A plan to get out of the jail and find Annabeth seemed to be getting less likely as each day passed. “Great,” Percy muttered. “That’s just great.”

            He leaned back against the cold gray stone wall of his cell, closing his eyes to stop the tears that were threatening to swell up. His heart ached at the thought of Annabeth. He missed her warm embrace, the way she looked at him, her company… he missed everything about her. In the back of his mind, he wondered if she was even still alive.

            “I’ll find you, Annabeth,” he whispered under his breath, unable to contain his tears any longer. He covered his face with his hands to prevent anyone from seeing him cry. “I won’t give up on you. I promised that we’d make it out of here together.”

The End

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