The Mark of Athena: Continued

He quickly drew in his breath and held it, freezing in his crouching position, listening silently to the loud crumbling from beneath him. The tears stopped swelling in his eyes as he realized how close he was to following Annabeth’s fate.

Realizing that he was going to fall whether he waited for the ledge to give way or not, he made up his mind and slowly inched towards the edge. He swung his legs over it, letting them dangle aimlessly for a moment as his thoughts raced. Then he pushed gently off the edge and began to fall.

10 seconds… 20 seconds… 30 seconds…

The time passed by as if his world had changed into slow motion. The force of the air caused his t-shirt to hug his skin as he fell, tears falling from his cheeks once again. “Poseidon! Dad, please help me!”

No help ever came for him.

He hit the ground, the impact causing his breath to leave him. He groaned, battling with his body for consciousness, and rolled over onto his back. His mouth gaped open at the sight above him. Only a few inches from his face, a troll-like figure had thrust its ugly face close to Percy’s in order to get a better look at him. The monster’s face was covered in red, swollen warts and its skin was a pale green color. It raised its huge wooden club up in the air and hit Percy’s head with it. The last thing he saw was the monster laughing cruelly before unconsciousness fell over him at last.

The End

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