Hidden Passage

Mia awoke at dawn and hurried down to the courtyard. Martin was waiting for her. It was a cold, cloudless morning. Mia studied the map with Martin and decided the map started on the top most tower.

    They walked up there, stoping to grap a breakfast of roles. They looked at the map and saw a small message writen in red ink haft way across the map it said "Beware of the..  the rest of the message smuged torn. "It looks like it starts here," Said Mia pointing to a smal chest, " Then it goes here, witch looks like the armoury." "Well lets go there then," replied Martin. They ran down to the armoury excitedly and looked at the map again, Only to see that the blue trail disapeared in the deongon.

    So in great confusion they walked bdown to the deongon, wondering waether the treasure was in the deongon. When they got there they stuied the gloom but found nothing. they sreached every where but still they found nothing.

Martin slumbed agains the wall in dismay and as Mia watched fell through the wall with a scream. Mai ran to the wall and saw a gaping hole. "Are you okay Martin?" Mai asked staring through the hole." " Sort of," came the grone from far below.

    Mai carefully lowered herself over the edge, Hardley daring to breath and felt around with her feet. To her relief she felt a ladder and grapping the  map desendended down the long ladder. Finally she stepped onto solid ground and felt around for Martin.

The End

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