New BeginningsMature

Oliver found himself within a small room, with large windows and a surprisingly clean fireplace. The walls were covered with old paintings of wizards and humans; successful people who were well known because of their hard work. Oliver felt uneasy, thinking of his similar aspirations, knowing that they would be forever out of his reach.

Four long and painful days had passed since the incident. He tapped his foot to try and take his mind elsewhere but it wasn’t working. Thinking of all the possible punishments he could receive, and how people would treat him after this made him groan. He would be treated like a monster no doubt; like an outsider. Not much different from now, Oliver thought to himself.

 He fumbled with his long dark hair, a habit he picked up from his mother. These days, she wouldn’t even look at him so much as talk to him. Oliver could remember her face as she received the news; he could see the emotions in her face gradually changing from shock to disbelief to anger and perhaps the worst, disappointment. She had raised him to never hurt anyone no matter what the situation, unless it was in self defence.

His heart skipped a beat as he heard the headmaster’s heavy footsteps thudding closer. The door slowly creaked open as Cornelius’ large frame entered the room followed by Adam. The headmaster didn’t acknowledge Oliver’s presence, but went on to sit at his desk. The chair groaned under his weight, he was an intimidating man and when he spoke, it felt as if the floor was shaking.

‘I think you both know why you are here’

Oliver and Adam didn’t say anything but gave a knowing look in reply. He carried on in his deep voice.

‘Oliver, since you’re going to finish next week I’m going to send you on an early holiday’

Oliver’s face dropped at hearing the news; Cornelius must’ve noticed because he reassured him that it wasn’t a punishment; but to allow him to recover from the incident.

‘Now if you’ll both apologise to each other then the matter will be over with’

Adam automatically sprang up in protest.

‘I’m NOT apologising for being assaulted! That’s ridiculous Sir and you know it!’

Cornelius stood on his feet, towering over the pair of them.

‘Youwillapologise whether you want to or not’

‘Sorry....’ they both mumbled; hatred in both their voices.

With a motion of his hand, Cornelius instructed for both of them to leave. Oliver grabbed his bag swiftly and left the room with mixed feelings. He had gotten what he wanted; to be away from Adam but that also meant not seeing Elizabeth. He walked down the hallway and looked through the door to notice Elizabeth sitting at her desk; he stood there fixated on her for a moment, before he heard a whisper.

‘Don’t worry I’ll look after yourgirlfriendfor you’

Who else would it be but Adam?

‘Watch your back!’ Oliver replied angrily.

Adam grinned. Oliver knew he was baiting him; he wouldn’t be outsmarted that easily. Instead, he turned around walked along the corridor of Riverdell High for the last time.

The End

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