A Cold MorningMature

A HP fan-fiction short novel, where wizards and humans are separated due to a magic veil; set up by a leading warlock to bring peace in times of war between the two.

However, the discovery of an ancient book threatens to destroy the veil and the face of the earth.

Oliver awoke to the sound of rain crashing against his bedroom window. He stretched out and groaned as he realised what day it was; Monday. Slipping out of his pyjamas and into his school uniform he heard his mother’s high-pitched voice from downstairs.

‘Oliver! Come downstairs, your breakfast is ready!’     

He didn’t reply but instead continued to prepare for the long day ahead of him; even thinking about it gave him a headache. Eventually he replied to his mother half-heartedly.


His legs felt light as he paced down the stairs, taking them two at a time. Breakfast was the only high-point of his day and for a boy of seventeen it was saying a lot about his social life. He wasn’t exactly the most popular guy at his school but he wasn’t a loner either. Oliver just drifted by, hardly being noticed.

The smell of freshly baked pancakes flooded his nostrils as he opened the living room door. He sat down eating as quickly as he could whilst catching a glimpse of the news on television. ‘Conflicts between wizards and humans, how pitiful’ he thought to himself, the world was a cruel place to live and he knew it.

He grabbed his coat and sprinted his journey to the bus stop hoping that time was on his side. Today seemed to be his lucky day, the familiar colour of the red bus appeared round the corner as he arrived at the stop.

‘Hey! Back here!’

Oliver’s head spun round to notice the brunette hair of his long time friend, Elizabeth, sitting beside Cyrus. He slowly got up and moved to the back of the bus to greet his friends.

‘So... what’s new?’

He spoke directly to Elizabeth but Cyrus interrupted as usual, one of the two main reasons why he irritated Oliver so much; the other being that he was a wizard.

‘Nothing really, we were just talking about you’ said Elizabeth.

Oliver’s eyes lit up.

 ‘Oh, what were you saying?’

Oliver didn’t mind people talking about him; he was only interested because Elizabeth was involved. She was the one person he could rely on if he needed anything.

‘We mentioned how we should all go and do something fun on the last day, seeing as it’s the last time we’ll see everyone together’

‘Good riddance’ Oliver mumbled to himself.

‘What do you think Oliver?’ said Elizabeth.

Oliver looked up at her expectant face.

‘I don’t really mind to be honest; I’m looking forward to it being over’.

Elizabeth looked annoyed and shuffled in her seat.

‘Come on, don’t be like that! You’ve had some good times with us’

Oliver chuckled and pointed to a bruise on his right collarbone.

‘Yeah but don’t forget I’ve had many more bad moments with Adam’

Cyrus smirked at this point, which angered Oliver. The pair’s eyes met and neither wanted to give a sign of backing down.

‘You’re laughing now but I’ll get them back! All of them!’ said Oliver angrily.

Cyrus saw an opportunity and blurted out without thinking.

‘You can’t do anything without magic, you’re weak!’

As soon as the words left his mouth, Oliver’s fist headed for Cyrus; but he held back just short of his face.

Elizabeth sat there shaking her head and sighed, this was a regular occurrence for her. Breaking up fights between these two was part of her daily routine and she always sympathised with Oliver. After all, he didn’t possess magical abilities like some of the other students, so she was there to protect him whenever she could.

‘I feel like your mother constantly telling you two to break it up!’ Elizabeth chirped in between Cyrus and Oliver.

‘Well... maybe he shouldn’t be going around saying things like that; you know what’ll happen at school if they hear you Oliver!’ Cyrus warned.

Eventually, the pair settled down as they all left for their first lesson. The day went on quickly and the trio found themselves walking through the dimly-lit corridors towards their second lesson. Cyrus had broken away from the group to enter his class when Elizabeth pulled Oliver over.

‘Listen... Oliver you need to ignore some of the things Cyrus says; he only does it to annoy you when he’s bored’

Oliver felt like a little child being told off by a teacher or his mother.

‘I know what he’s trying to do; sometimes the things he says get to me and I lose my...’

Elizabeth hugged him mid-sentence before he could finish.

‘I know it must be hard for you but there’s only a week left, do it for me’

Elizabeth gave him a warm smile and Oliver started to blush. To save himself any more embarrassment he walked off quickly in the direction of his class.

Only a week left he thought to himself, grinning. He entered the room for his second lesson but realised no one was there. Must’ve been early, he shrugged it off and took a seat at the back of the large classroom.

The sun was shining for the first time during the day and Oliver welcomed its warmth, things had finally started to go his way. He stared at the clouds, drifting off in his own world as he so often did, when the class got too stressful. It felt like a mere moment before he was disrupted by a paper ball hitting the back of his head. Oliver turned around to see complete chaos in the classroom.

At times like these, he tried looking for calmer areas of the school.

Oliver buckled as he tried to leave, only to be greeted by a hand on his shoulder.

‘Where do you think you’re going? Surely you’re going to stay here and play with us?’

Oliver despised the mocking tone that Adam always spoke to him in. Ignoring him and continuing on, he was beaten to the door by a flash of light which slammed it shut. No escape. 

‘I don’t need this!’ Oliver spat, finally losing his normally calm nature.

‘Someone’s gained some courage over the weekend have they?’ Adam taunted.

The tone of his voice made Oliver sick; nobody knew how badly he wanted to shut him up. He glared at him as he drew his pocket knife slowly within his sleeve.

‘I warned you Adam!’

‘What are you going to do? There isnothinga bastard can do!’ he laughed.

Before he even knew what was happening, Oliver found himself lunging at Adam; it was too late to stop himself, he saw the crimson colour of his blood paint the floor as his knife buried itself deep within Adam’s chest.

Oliver’s heart sunk; Adam collapsed before his eyes into a pile on the floor. His head was spinning as he struggled to take it all in; a scream raised every hair on Oliver’s neck.

At that exact moment, the teacher entered the class telling everyone to keep quiet. It was only when she herself realised the pool of blood and the body on the floor that she whipped out her wand.

Standing there, shocked at himself and at what he had done, he looked on helplessly as the teacher waved her wand over Adam’s chest. The whole room seemed to be looking at Oliver, he was still clenching onto the cold steel of the knife; he dropped the blade, making a loud metallic sound, as it came into impact with the classroom floor.

The End

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