The Masion Part 2

I start to walk back to the junction to check the hallways when I here
a sound, I stop to listen and I here “Sarah where are you? “ I've
come to get you out of here.” Then it hit's me that's Gary! “Where
is he in the mansion?”  I rush to the front door with the sword
ready for the rats. There are no sounds and not a single rat insight
at the front door. I try and open the Front door but it is still
locked. Then I shout “Gary where are you I'm alive!” I wait for a
a answer and in a second I here “ I'm upstairs don't worry I'll
find you”. I Instantly shout at him “No stay there and make sure
the window stays open.” Then he replies back with, “Fine but be
quick about it.”

So I start walking towards the stairs. I look and make the decision that
I'll stick close to the rail. I start to cautiously walk up the
stairs. I hear creeks and groans from the boards but none break. When
I reach the top I take a deep breath and are about to start looking
for Gary when I hear a scream and I know it is Garys. I start to run
In the direction I heard it come from. Then I heard the words I did
not want to hear “ The window slammed shut!” I scream so loud it
rattles the windows “ Gary you idiot, I'm gonna kill you!” I just
stand there and then think “ Why would Gary save me, he barely
knows me, we talk a little bit”  I start to jog to where I last
heard Gary.

When I find him in a room with beautiful blue furniture and a golden rug.
He looks horrible but I guess I looked like that when I got locked in
to. He walks up with his blond hair and hazelnut eyes and hugs me and
he says “ Thank god your not hurt.” I take one step back not sure
what to do I just stutter random words I was really confused about
why he had come to help me and why he hugged me. Then I ask “ Gary
why did you come?” He replied “ Sarah I had to it wasn’t human
to let you go in here for a simple game of truth or dare” I replied
“Ya I should have went with truth” We both laugh for a few
seconds. That is when I notice how nice Garys smile is he has perfect
teeth solid white it is not to extreme or to dull just perfect. Then
I say “ Alright let's get out of here move away from the window.”

He moves away from the window. I take the sword out and then Gary asked
“ Where did you get that” I reply “from a knight” he gave me
a confused look I said “ well talk later.” I lifted the sword up
and swung it at the tainted  window except it didn't break through my
sword flew backward and almost hit Gary right in the head. He
screamed and then says “ That was a bit close to my head and what
happened?” I reply “ The sword just bounced off the window”
Then he grabs the hilt of the sword and pulls on it and then  says “
It's stuck wedged right in the wall” I reply “Well now I guess
I'll just have to stomp on the rats with my shoes, lets find another
way and a weapon.” He looked at me with this look that clearly said
he had no idea and said “What?” I replied “Never mind”

We start walking towards the hallway when he says “I came here to help
you for another reason.” I look at him and say “and what was that
other reason?” He looked at me with those hazelnut eyes and said “
I have had a crush on you since grade one I couldn't bear you getting
hurt” I must have looked like I was going to die because he said “
Are you alright Sarah?” I almost fall backwards and ask him after I
regain my balance “ really, no joke?” he replied “No joke,
don't think about it to much now, I want to get out of here just as
bad as you.” So we slowly start walking again while I to contain my
emotions. Only problem is that  I don't know what emotions I was
felling anger,sorrow,happiness or love?

The End

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