The Mansion

A story of a haunted mansion.

I slowly crept up to the old rickety mansion. It's tainted windows and
pitch black walls containing the horrors from within. When I reached
the chestnut doors I shivered with fear. I put my sweaty hand on the
golden doorknob, it is as cold as an icicle and I Instantly bring my
hand back. It is the middle of summer, no doorknob should be that
cold. I put my hand back on the doorknob and I turn it. There is a
squeal put I push my fear to the side and keep turning. I nudge the
door open with my remaining strength, ready to face the horrors
inside. I see  nothing except a few spider webs and dusty floors. I
take one footstep inside and the door instantly shuts behind me and I
hear the horrible lock of the door.

I run up and start to bang on the door and scream at the top of my
lungs, “Let me out of here! ” No one comes and I know that I'm
going to have to find another way out. I turn around and nothing has
changed, but now I know that there is something haunting this
mansion. I tip toe towards the stairs hoping to find a window escape
but the stairs look like they could barely hold a feather. So I
decide that going up the stairs will be my last option. So I
cautiously walk down the hallway.

The hallway must at least have a thousand spider webs but it is not the
spider webs can hurt me so I just walk through and around them. That
is when I hear the scurryings of little feet and little squeaks. The
first thought that comes to my head is rats. I hate rats they are
ugly little things that carry diseases and bite you. I begin to run
back to the front door only to find out that is where the rats are. I
scream at the top of my lungs and sprint back to the hallway
destroying all the spider webs in the process. When I reach a
junction in the hallway I decide to stop and regain my breath.

When I finally regain my breath I go searching for something to protect
myself. I open a few doors  and notice that one has a nice redwood
desk, another dusty room had dozens of paintings with big beady eyes
that followed me so I tried not to look at them. Then after opening
five  doors I found one a suit of armour. I took the sword and just
to make sure it didn't come back to life I ripped the suit of armour

The End

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