The Manga journal ( contiuing The Between Reality adventures)Mature

The Journal recounds your dreams, if you open it, You'll have the adventures for real and the real world will freeze in time untill you come out.

I was in my room, writing in my manga journal the lastest dream i'd had,which was me  meeting  a shimmering figure appeared beside me. From the slender black trousers and auburn hair that flowed down her back with glowing green eyes and a small girl with red hair wearing a pink and white outfit with big green eyes.,

when a flash of sunlight came out of the book. what is that, I thought. I was sucked in,like I was being hovered up by a vacum, I felt really scared at that moment, then everything went black.

I woke up to find that I was still in my room, I said "open portals" without thinking and two blue portals apeared. I smiled knowing  what was going to happen once i walked into one of them. I met KP and Atomic Betty just like my dream and earned my belt and got my Galatic guardian outfit just like my dream.( a atomic belt is either white or yellow with the atomic symbol- a circle with a black fan in the middle with yellow inbetween and a black small circle in the middle of the fan.                           A  Kimmunicator is like a phone with a screen on it and is blue. In this case the watch verison is blue with a drack blue a light blue buttons on the side.)

After a while, I tried waking up but then found out that this was all real not a dream! So danced with joy but then started to wonder how i was going to get out of here. Where was here exactly? i began asking myself. I started to feel tingly on my hands and could feel that my words had hint of magic within them.

Atomic Betty Gave me my white atomic belt and Kim gave me my very own Kimmuncator watch as a souviner to remeber the adventures we've had so far together. I said goodbye to them and promised i would come back as long as I needed. I beamed out of the book and closed it. It now said Atomic Grace instead of Manga journal on the front cover. It also had a picture of Me, Atomic Betty and Kim possible on it. I smiled and hugged the book, Knowing that Atomic Grace would once again be called to save the world with Atomic Betty and Kim possible!

(Plz Read 'The between reality adventure to knew what adventures Atomic Grace has!)

The End

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