The man with the silver tongueMature

A woman has sex with a man and ends up being abandoned in the forest with the bodies of his other victims

I blushed, shy, as you kissed my ear and made a trail of kisses down my neck. I closed my eyes as you licked my neck up to my ear lobe. You smiled and turned me more toward you. I opened my eyes. Your blue eyes sparkled, your smile stretched out the deep pink scar across your lip. Your good looks and silver tongue was what made me go on this date with you. You were moving your hands under my shirt and up towards my boobs. You rubbed my bra then slipped it off with ease like you had done so many times before with so many others.

This was my first time, I was nervous. Really nervous, but you had talked me into it and it was too late to back down. 

My long locks of aqua hair fell in my face as I looked down and watched you rub and massage my boobs. You pushed me back and slid off my light purple shirt. You smiled in delight and kissed under my chin and down to between my boobs. I moaned softly while you kissed and sucked on my nipples. You kissed down to my stomach then slowly slid off my skirt then my panties. I shivered. 

You came back up and took out your dick. My face turned even more red. You placed the head of your dick against my pussy. You didn't even look at me as you pushed it inside roughly. I yelped in pain while you pumped fast and rough, blood splattered out. I asked you politely to slow down, but you didn't obey. I cried as you went faster then finished quickly inside. I covered my face as you pushed me away.

You told me you had to get something out of the trunk. I sat there cleaning the blood and cum off my leg. I heard my door open, you  grabbed me and covered my mouth. You taped my mouth and tied me up. 

You got back into the front of the car and drove off into the forest. My screams were muffled by the tape around my mouth. He stopped in the middle of the forest. He grabbed me by my neck and threw me into a ditch with a bunch of other bodies. All of them women. 

Tears fell down my face. He laughed manically and slammed the door and drove off.

The End

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