The Man With the Knife 2

This is the second version of my older story.
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My eyes flutter open from my attempt of trying to get some sleep. They don't even have to adjust; the shapes around me took clear form half an hour ago.

Sleep. It sounds so good right now. To my body, at least. My mind on the other hand... it is wide awake an alert. Too awake and alert, enough to make me go crazy.

But why?

At first, I was overjoyed to see that I had woken up before seven o'clock.

But the feeling soon clouded over. All of a sudden, my voice had an edgy, nervous tone to it that I couldn't seem to shake off. It earned questioning looks from my mom, my teachers, and pretty much anyone else who was exposed to it. Except for Christina. In the few minutes that I spent with her today, she didn't seem to notice like everyone else. She just seemed, well, fidgety. She kept on telling me that it was a big algebra test that she was worried about, that was it. But I knew better.

She didn't take algebra. She took calculus.

Then, halfway through the school day, my hands started shaking so bad I could barely hold a pencil. My writing was extra messy, which had earned me just as many—if not more-- weird looks from people around me. Something was definitely wrong.

And it didn't stop there. When I would stare out into space when the teacher was giving directions, an image would appear in my mind, and every time it made it's appearance, it would give me more and more of a clue as to what it was. When I was walking home, I finally completed the puzzle and it hit me like a ton of red bricks: it was a knife.

I tried to avoid my family for the remainder of the day. I went to bed without saying goodnight, which I was starting to think was one of my worst ideas. Maybe that was the thing keeping me up.

I pull the blanket up to my chin and finally feel sleep slowly creeping towards me. I sigh a deep, exhaust-filled sigh and settle deeper under the covers. I am just about to drift into well-deserved sleep when something clatters on the other side of my room.

All of a sudden, the trembling is back. But right now, my whole body is shaking. And my heart is beating like my gym coach just asked me to run four miles in ten minutes. I try to keep silent, and I do, but the thing at the side of my bed isn't.

There's a click, and suddenly a man's face is illuminated right next to mine. His eyes are glowing a crazy, insane blue, and something shiny reflects in his hand. It is a knife.

“Hello, Natalie. I've heard so much about you. And don't worry-- this is going to be over real fast.”

I don't have time to scream.

The End

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