The man with no nameMature

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I was asleep then I suddenly woke up to a loud crash and it sounden like it was from the kitchen. I got up grabbed my 12 gage that was next to my bed loaded it, cocked and helt it up to my face like i was ready to shoot. When I started to walk around the house I started do hear barking from my dog then another loud crash it sounded like he jumped out the window. When i got to the kitchen I saw the window broken, food all over the ground and my fridge nocked over and my table broken just everything was a mess Then after liiking at that i just went back to sleep. The next day I call one of my buddies named Gater to ask him to help me clean up this mess and he said sure. About 20 minutes later he got he then when he walked into the kitchen he sad what the heach happened to this place then thats when i told him what happened. After we were done cleaning we went to go have a drink.

The End

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