The End

     I sat in my car and silenced my heavy breathing as much as possible.  The night sky was bright,  casting shadows across the house I just escaped.  It was almost silent,  aside from the air escaping my lungs slowly.  I turned to check the locks on the doors,  and turned back to the front window as I realized I checked them not even thirty seconds ago.

     "shshshh".  I jumped at the sounds of the leaves rustling.  I didn't have an immediate plan,  being trapped in my car without the keys.  I ran by the idea of making a run for it into the woods,  as I knew my way to the highway through them.

     "".  The sounds were getting closer.  He was near.  The faint whispers that haunted me for the past  two years have finally found a way into my reality.  I needed a plan.  I needed a way to leave,  and never come back. 

     "..I...ming....ser....".  He was almost here.  I glanced at my rear view mirror,only to see a shadow move across it.  I looked back into the yard,  and nothing was there.  My heart began to beat faster and I started to sweat.  I couldn't see into the woods very far,  but it shouldn't be that dark.  I fumbled around on the floor through assorted items.  Lucky enough I found a small LED light that would be powerful enough to see in the dark with.

I had to leave.  There wasn't a second option.

I jumped out of the car shining the light on the ground to make sure I wasn't stepping on anything that the moonlight was revealing to me.  I turned around,  and I saw him.  He was sitting in the backseat of the car staring straight ahead.  I took no time to find out why,  and turned and ran straight ahead towards the woods.  It was near black with the shadows of the tree canopy.  I continued to run without looking where I was stepping.  I knew he was right behind me.  The feeling you get when someone is in the same room as you is what I was feeling.  I had no intention of turning to see if he was there.

     Then it happened.  I tripped on a root sticking out of the ground and broke my ankle.  Just like every single horror movie ever made,  I injured myself running,  but this would actually be believable if you saw it.  So being unable to walk or run,  I started crawling towards the hill leading to the highway.  I could faintly hear the sounds of cars and overly loud speakers in them.  I kept crawling,  even though the pain was unbearable.  I thought to myself,  "Is this the end?",  "Why do I have to go this way?".  I told myself I would make it,  and by telling myself repeatedly I gave myself the strength to continue.  The seconds felt like minutes,  and the minutes like hours.  I had no strength left,  and my only salvation was the busy highway forty feet away.

     I looked up,  only to see a pair of feet in front of me.  I couldn't bring myself to look up at his face.  I watched as his hand reached down for me,  and then,  it went dark.

The End

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