Where is He?


I woke up in the middle of the night a few hours later. My throat was dry and I needed water. I felt around where a night stand would normally be but I found no night stand. I groaned a lifted myself out of the deep slumber I was once in to look for a water bottle. I searched my bags and my suitcase but I found nothing to quench my thirst. I lead myself to the door and opened it.

I expected the living room of Liam's apartment to be dark for the most part. It was but there was a small stream of light peering from his door. The doorway widened on it's own in till the door was all the way open and light poured out from his room. I rubbed my eyes and decided to take a look in to the room.

Liam was not there in the room. His empty bed was messy with his sheets sprawled everywhere. The clothes he was wearing earlier that evening lied on the floor around my feet. I looked up from the clothes to see an open window. The wind froze the room even though it was the middle of summer. I turned around to the whistling wind and shut the door as I walked back in to the living room. My tired brain felt no emotion. I just wanted to have a glass of water and go back to sleep.

I walked over to the cupboard. It took me a while but soon enough I found a glass and brought it so the sink and filled it to the brim with Parisian tap water. I let the refreshing liquid down my throat. My mouth was filled to the brim and was over flowed with the water. I finished the glass like that; leaving my shirt wet from the water, and went back to bed. I acted like nothing had happened whatsoever.

The End

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