This Is What I Look Like Now

I did not know why he was that rushed to go to bed. I did not see any reason to be that rushed besides the fact that it was very late out. I disregarded his rush and got ready for bed.

Liam's guest room was a plain white room with black furniture and bedding. The room seemed to be a bit empty. The bed and the mirror were the only pieces of furniture in the room. My ridiculous suitcase was out of place in the two toned room.

Looking over at the mirror I could see that the night had taken its toll on me. My hazel colored eyes were now bloodshot. My hair was once pulled back in a sleek pony tail was now a tangled and frizzy mess. Had I planned to scale a statue that night I would not have worn a pair of boots with heels and a pair of skinny jeans. I kicked off my boots and was then the height I usually am, five foot two inches.

I know that I am short for someone of my age and I embrace it. No matter how much people picked on me during my school years I always prevailed. I was an optimistic child in my youth, never letting a single mean comment bring me down. But I was no longer that child.

I was weary. My clothes were covered in a layer of dust from the air vent we crawled through. As I let myself fall backwards on to the bed the dust flew all around me when I hit the mattress. I have a slight allergy to dust so after coughing for a while I found my medication inside of my suitcase. I changed my clothes and dry swallowed the pill.

The End

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