Large Pineapple With Black Leaves You Say?

His apartment was on the second floor so we took the stairs to the next floor. The wooded stairs creaked underneath my feet in the silence of the dark apartment building. The stairs brought us to a hallway that seemed to extend in to infinity.

My eyes adjusted to the lack of light of the apartment building but the transition from the dark hallway to the bright lights of Liam’s apartment. The transition was not kind on my eyes. The fluorescent lights flooded my eyes causing me to blink a few times before the simplistic interior of Liam’s living room appeared before me.

“Biennivue chez moi.” It sounded odd to hear Liam speak French with his British accent. Over time I would grow accustomed to his French. Whenever he wanted to put special emphasis on something he would say it in French.

“Welcome to my home?” Liam spoke uneasily as if he was wondering if I understood his French. His voice startled me. I began to become drowsy.

“Oh yes, I understand French.” Liam smiled at me and walked in to the main room of his apartment, suit case in hand.

Besides the kitchen and the bathroom there were three closed doors that branched off of the main room. He walked up to the middle door and opened it for me. He wheeled my suitcase inside of the room. Liam then stood in front of the door as if to block me.

“To your left is my room,” His arm extended to my left pointing to a door. On the door was a simple sign. It was one of those signs that say open on one side and closed on the other. The sign was currently on the closed side so Liam took his out reached arm to flip the sign so it read “open”.

“You may stay in this apartment as long as you would like to unless you are to even crack open the door of my storage closet.” His arm now extended to my right, pointing towards the door opposite of his door. “If you even touch the door knob I will have to ask you to leave.” The tone of his voice was harsh and dark.

“Can I ask you what is behind that door?” My question startled Liam and put him in to a nervous state. His palms were visibly moist with his own sweat.

“Well,” He twiddled his thumbs, compelled to answer the question. “I happen to be growing a giant pineapple with black leaves in that room.” He sighed as if he were hoping that I would not ask any more questions.

“A large pineapple with black leaves, huh?” I questioned his excuse.

“Well,” He twiddled his thumbs. “I happen to be growing a large pineapple with black leaves.” He sighed in relief hoping I would not ask anymore about the door.

“A large pineapple with black leaves you say?” I questioned his excuse. “A new breed of pineapple is it?” I mocked his silly excuse as I tried to crack open the truth.

“I annually participate in the Parisian Carnival des Ananas.” He paused for a moment. “I am hoping that I can win a prize this year for my rare breed of pineapple.” It was bluntly obvious that Liam was telling a bad lie.

"Okay then," Liam's composure returned. "The bathroom is behind that door next to the front door. The toilet is right next to it. You are free to take anything from the fridge." Liam walked over to his room and opened the door. "It's getting late so I will be going to bed now. Good night Lynn." He swiftly walked in to his room and shut the door.

The End

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