You Are The Quintessence Of My Cravings

“It seems that you’re in a bit of a pickle Lynn.” In till now, Liam had been quietly standing behind me but now he interjected. “I have a spare room in my apartment if you would like to stay there tonight.” He yanked the handle of my suitcase of my hand.

“Of course,” I upturned my head away from the annoyed receptionist in the manner of a snooty little girl. “I’d love to Liam.” And with that I stormed out of Westin with Liam closely behind me with my suitcase in hand.

Sometimes I look back at that decision to stay with Liam that night and notice how naïve, stupid, and angered I was. Liam must have noticed my liking towards him and manipulated my mixed emotions of anger and infatuation with his fake kindness. I was to be sleeping only a thin wall away from a stranger I had only met hours before. I was to be taken in by a complete and total stranger. How odd.

This may seem a bit suspicious. Being born in America I was perfectly aware of “stranger danger” that is educated in schools all over the country. I did not entirely disregard this idea but rather it was in the back of my mind being ignored. I was just a child who found what she longed for in Liam. The fictional life I craved was the quintessence of Liam’s existence to me. I did something dangerous and followed a strange man home.

It took a while but we caught at taxi outside of the Westin to Liam’s apartment. We did not say anything causing me to fall asleep on Liam’s lap out of exhaustion. I opened my eyes every few minutes while half asleep but Liam just patted my head that lie on his legs and smiled at me in till my droopy eyes shut again. In this light sleep I head Liam talking to someone over the phone.

When I fully awoke the taxi stopped by an apartment in the outer regions of Paris. To be exact, I had no idea where in Paris we were. Liam payed the taxi driver and opened the taxi door. We both go out of the taxi and I followed Liam in to the apartment building after he retrieved my suitcase from the trunk of the car.

The End

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