She Told Me Her Name Was Ingrid

Why was my luggage in the lobby? I was sure that it was mine. No one could have had a suitcase as ugly as mine. Neon yellow and purple stripes would have turned anyone off at first sight. But I did have a reason for buying such hideous luggage. I just cannot remember what that reason was.

As I walked towards the luggage, the glow in the dark luggage tag had my name written on it. There was no doubt that this was my suit case. I knew one thing, I was confused. I walked up to the receptionist.

“Excuse me sir,” At the time the receptionist was the last thing I could possibly need, another tall person to loom over me. “But why is my luggage out here in the lobby?”

He sighed. He must have hated his job. “Well,” He let out another exasperated sigh. “If this is your luggage, then your roommate checked you two out of the hotel earlier today. Your luggage was still in the room so we were told to leave your luggage out here for you to pick up.”

I latched on to the handle of my suitcase. I now spoke defensively. “I wasn’t sharing a room with anyone. I’m traveling by myself.”

“Well the woman claimed to be your roommate and had the key to the room you are, or were, staying in. She had proof so I trusted her word.” There was emptiness in my pockets. I searched my pant pockets but the room key was nowhere to be found. I must have dropped it while I was climbing the statue in the Louvre. But if I had dropped it, no one was there to pick it up and take it. And if Liam saw it when he went back to the statue to look for his missing key, he would have brought it back to me.

“What is her name?” I was extremely mad at this receptionist for trusting this woman. Was customer service a foreign concept to the hotel staff?

“I believe her name was…” He concentrated in silence for a long period of time before recalling the woman’s name. “She told me her name was Ingrid.” There was only one person who could have taken the key from the Louvre that fateful night with the name Ingrid. It was Black Ingrid, the person I heard below me in the air vent claiming that Liam had a death wish. She could have easily picked up the key when she was in the room with the statue without anyone noticing.

I had not even the slightest clue of why Black Ingrid would want to make me homeless for the night. The true reason would horrify me in the future.

The End

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