An Explanation?

My parents gave me the money to stay at a nice hotel. It is a four star hotel to be exact. "I'm staying at the Weston tonight." I motioned towards the streets in the far off distance. "It's only a few blocks away."

I could not see his face in the dark night. I could not tell his emotions. A looming force crept in to the docile night.

As we walked we continued talking. "Let me explain Lynn," My eyes widened. The one thing I needed the most that night was a thorough explanation. I wanted to know the truth about the moving paintings. How did they work?

"I have a special ability of sort. When it's just the paintings and I, they talk and move and dance!" He was now very excited, moving his hands as he spoke. Throughout his excitement, Liam speeded up his walking. My legs spread far apart with my current pace to try to keep up with his massive stride. Soon enough he noticed my struggle to maintain a steady pace and slowed down. Then he continued his explanation.

"No one besides me has been able to make the art alive. No one, except for you Lynn." Is he trying to make me sound special or something? I was starting to see the big picture now. Slowly but surely, I was.

"In the past people disregarded me and my ability." We now turned the corner and the pyramids of the Louvre stood behind the two of us. The streets that were once full of life dwindled down and only a few cars remained on the streets of Paris. Some of the lights had gone out in the shops. It was either early morning or late night, I do not remember.

“When I hit my twenties I realized that I had to do something with my ability, I just didn’t know what to do with it.” As the streets were no longer filled with tourists, we walked even slower down the street. “Even now, I don’t know what to do with it, but I started to get involved in the art community and moved to Paris from a small English town called Edington to do so.” A smile came across Liam’s face as if he was recalling something. Then he looked over my shoulder. “In the eight years since then I have grown close and gained the respect of many art curators such as the curator of the Louvre. He trusts me to the point that he gave me a copy of all of the keys in museum.” Now Liam looked at me again before peering back over my shoulder. The Westin hotel was now only a block away and in within sight. “The thing is, I’m not even an artist. I can’t paint to save my life.”

As we were about to enter the Westin my infatuation caused me to blurt something out. “Shall we continue this conversation in my hotel room?” Liam seemed to be surprised at first but then calmness came over his face. “Sure.”

The lights welcomed me back in to the warmth of the hotel. Even with the lack of people, the lobby of the Westin was lively. Maybe it was just the background music. But something startled me as we entered the lobby of the Westin.

The End

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