The Tourist Emerges

The cold air buffeted my face in the dark of the night. The paintings remained frozen as the door opened. We walked out in to the night from the bright lights of the Louvre with nowhere to go. The door slammed behind the two of us.

We just stood there for a moment, silent and not sure of what to do. Not sure of what to do and not sure of what to say. Liam decided to break the growing tension.

              “Shall we walk to your hotel Lynn?” I was happy that he was now calling me by this name. I quickly nodded at him. He said the word we. We, as in more than one. This infatuation of mine almost got out of control.

              “How did you know that I’m staying at a hotel?” I could have been anyone for all he knew. I was just a stranger he had just met.

              “Well,” After that first word I had a feeling that he was good at making inferences. “First, your accent is clearly American.” He got me there. My voice is nothing compared to his British accent. “Second, you got lost in the hedge maze in front of the Louvre.” I am not that good with directions but yes, it was too simple of a maze to get lost in. “And lastly, the look on your face when I introduced you to Lisa was as if you’ve never seen the Mona Lisa before. Therefore, you are most likely a tourist staying at a hotel. So, shall we walk to your hotel Lynn?”

              I was dumbfounded by his observational skills. We had only known each other for a few hours and he had gathered this much information about me. “Uh, okay Liam.” He left me speechless and was grinning over his vocal victory over me.

“So, where are you staying?”

The End

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