Who is them?

The sounds of Black Ingrid and that man’s footsteps faded in to the distance. When the clicking of their feet disappeared Liam slightly pushed me. With that shove, my hands fell out of the air vent and stuck out from the ceiling. He gave another grand push from behind and with that I fell out of the air vent and on to the statue.

The smooth surface of the stone statue did nothing to help me in this situation. The stone caused me to slowly slide down the statue at a steady pace. No matter how much I clinged on to the statue it never supported my weight. Soon enough I found a foot hole like crevice and used it to begin my proper climb down the slippery stone. After a while Liam followed pulled himself out of the air vent and started his descent down the statue.

I reached the ground first. Once Liam reached the ground soon after me, the paintings all came back to life and broke out of their forced rigid poses. The painted people continued their party as we walked down the hallway of art. They drank, they cried, and they danced

“Do you now understand why I brought you here?” Liam turned to face me as we walked. A genuine smile came across his face. This would be one of the last genuine things he would ever do for me, smile. Oh how I wish that was a lie.

“I get it now.” I replied with a smile. At the time I thought I understood but I really did not. Walking through the lively paintings I had only seen standing still, urging to break out of their own shell. I felt the real emotions that the artists wanted to portray through their works of art. Inside of each canvas there was a story to be told that no one ever pays attention to. I thought that he wanted me to see the stories inside of the canvases scattered around the walls that surrounded me.

And so Liam and I walked happily towards the back door that we had walked through to enter the museum. He searched for the key in his pocket but it could not be found. Panicked, he turned to me.

“Stay here,” He turned his heard around as to watch out for something…or someone. “I’ll be back soon. I must have just dropped the key, that’s all.” I nodded to him and he dashed off. It was a different painting of Napoleon that spoke to me as soon as Liam was out of sight and out of ear shot.

“What has compelled you to correspond with that man Mlle?” Napoleon spoke with a thick French accent that was hard to understand at times but I managed. He showed an interest in my well being and seemed a tad bit angered by my association with Liam.

“Is there anything wrong with him M. Bonaparte?” I talked to him quite quizzically. I was only a naïve child back then and understood nothing. Of course there was something wrong with him. I just did not notice it yet. I would not notice it for the next twenty four hours.

“Oui, Mlle.” Napoleon nodded his head fiercely and tried to lean in towards me in his two dimensional state but failed miserably. “That man has taken them away from here.”

“Them? Who are them?” My pleas were not replied by the French man. The paintings had returned to their popularized state and Liam came running down the hall way to return to my side. He proudly held the key in the air with a grin from ear to ear slapped upon his face.

“I’m back,” He came to a halt right next to me. His rubber soled shoes made a screeching sound as he stopped. “It was right below the statue. It must have fallen out of my pocket or something like that.” He uninsured shrugged his shoulders. He soon retained his composure.

“No use fretting over that anymore,” He turned his back to me and headed in the direction of the door. He noticed that I did not follow him immediately like I had for the rest of the night and turned his head at me. “Are you coming Lynn?” I looked back at the painting of Napoleon I had just talked to, still confused by the meaning of his words. If I had looked in to the meaning of what he said and used my head for once, I would have understood what Napoleon meant but I would not realize it yet.

“Yes,” I faced forwards once again and forced my body out of the door. “I’m coming Liam.”

The End

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