Black Ingrid


Thirty minutes had passes since we turned around in that must air vent. We worked silently and without a single word uttered out of either of our mouths. Our breaths were kept short and out of sync with the other. Soon enough bright light blinded me as light poured out from the initial entrance we had once climbed through. I stopped to adjust my eyes to the new found light.

Liam pointed to his eyes and then down. Following his instructions I peered down towards the ground. There was no one in my line of sight at all. All I could really see was the top of the statue we climbed up to get in to the air vent we remained in. But then I heard something. The same pair of shoes I had heard from before clicked against the ground and echoed throughout the dead end. I assume that he was pacing from the way that the sound echoed. The "night guard" was still there and he was waiting for us, or so I thought. He had another reason to be there that night.

It was silent once again for I heard nothing audible. A new pair of footsteps pierced through the silence of the room and echoed throughout it. There sound slowly grew to the point I could tell that this new person was standing directly below me, next to the statue. I held my breath yet Liam did not. He continued to breathe carefully.

The two pairs of footsteps sounded completely different. The first pair we had previously encountered sounded like a leather soled shoe while the other sounded like some sort of shoe with a metal sole. Later on, I was to find out that they were cowboy boots. The latter pair stopped and did not make a single sound after that. The leather soled pair of footsteps continued pacing around the room.

The new pair of footsteps seemed to belong to a woman for her voice was higher pitched than the man. The two people spoke French below us. The woman spoke with an odd accent that sounded reminiscent of the way people speak in the southern regions of the United States. One thing I knew for sure is that she had an attitude, and that was for sure.

"Mlle. Noir-" The man had only tried to say the woman's name and she had cut him off immediately for some reason.

"C'est Mlle. Black!" The woman, whose name happened to be Miss Black, was angry at the man's actions. "Je m'appelle Black Ingrid." And now I knew for a fact that the woman's name was Black Ingrid and I will be referring to her as such from here on.

My abridged high school education's worth of the French language allowed me to understand parts of the conversation the man and the woman were engaged in. The man was being yelled at by Black Ingrid apparently for translating her name in to French when her name was to remain in the English language. The man had stepped off on the wrong foot with Black Ingrid.

"Tu ne parle pas français Mlle. Black?" You do not speak French Miss Black? Said the man to Black Ingrid. The man sounded a bit awkward as he said Black Ingrid's name in English. He must have not been used to mixing two languages together in one harmonious sentence.

"Si," Black Ingrid sighed as if she had to get that out of the way. "Je mieux beaucoup parle Anglais." Yes, I speak English better, said Black Ingrid. Her French was awkward and slightly amusing. Even though I had only taken French my freshman and sophomore year in my local high school, I for sure had better pronunciation than her. Liam put his hand on my back as if to prevent any laughs from escaping my tightly sealed mouth.

"Ils regardez." They are listening, the man said. He knew that we were listening in and sounded slightly scared. Were we too loud in the air vent?

"Bof," Black Ingrid disregarded the man and did what most people would not have done. Most people would have just stayed quiet and moved their conversation if it was of such great importance but nothing seemed to matter to Black Ingrid. "Tu est barbant." You are boring, Black Ingrid sneered at the man in amusement. She yelled up in to the air vent. He voice was filled with rage and anger. "I know you're there Liam. You better write your will soon 'cause I'm out to kill you."

Liam now started to hold his breath as I started breathing again. I could feel the fear coming from behind me. I now knew that the journey of a lifetime had begun.

The End

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