Footsteps. I heard footsteps. There were no footsteps coming from the paintings. In all actuality, every single painting in the vicinity paused. They were returned to their original positions in which everyone knows and loves.

Liam turned to me, his eyes wide open. He did not grab my hand. He did not grab me. All he did was run. It took me a moment to realize that he had began to run without me. I sprinted to catch up with him. His legs just happen to be so long that keeping him my eye sight was an issue. The dimly lit hall way illuminated. The lights turned on as we passed by them in our haste.

We hid a behind a corner. It was a good time to recover and rejuvenate from my mad sprint. I still did not know what I was running or hiding from. I assumed that it was a night guard who worked at the museum. Later on I would find out that it was someone part of an organization that was even more dangerous than my false fears that was in the hall way that night.

The "night guard" started to chase after us. He yelled something from behind us but it was comprehensible and sounded like mumbles. His shoes clicked against the ground at an uneven pace.

I followed Liam throughout the rooms and halls of the Louvre. Our pursuer never gave up on chasing us down.

Every turn and corner only reminded me more of the hedge maze I had only recently left. But unlike the maze, there was no sea of calming greenery. Like the maze, I thought that there would be an opening to help me escape. I was wrong. The prince of lies had led me to a dead end and so I panicked. Inside of the room the was only one entrance and that was the exit. Inside of this room there was a statue that reached all the way up to the ceiling. We scrambled towards it. My hand grabbed on to the carved stone to use as a grip while I made a quick turn to land behind the statue.

This time Liam showed his exhaustion. The two of us breathed heavily but out of sync with each other. It echoed off of the walls of the room. The sound filled the room no matter how we tried to stop our panting. The faint sound of footsteps became audible in the far distance.

Liam could see the panicked look on my face. I know he could. Calmly, he looked down at me. With his index finger he pointed to the highest point of the statue. Upon further inspection, there was a small air vent above the statue. It looked to be only a few feet from the statue and large enough for a human to fit in to. If we climbed to the top of the statue we could use the vent to escape the "night guard". And that is what we attempted to do.

The End

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