The Man Who Survives

April 1,

The day of jokes is what I thought. I woke up and was very careful not to fall for anything that my family has tried to pull on me. After I cleared the house I planned some jokes of my own. I put saran wrap on the toilet seat and tape on the doorways. I thought everything was good until I walked into the kitchen and got got by my own tape over the doorway. Man did I feel stupid. When that happened I fell and hit the ground hard. Mat came running from his room saying,”Are you ok?” I was glad he was concerned but in the process he hit the tape I had put on his door. He laughed with me and I made breakfast. Even though it was the day of jokes, I had to go to work anyway.Work was like normal I show up everyday do the same boring things and got no recognition for it. The pay is great but nobody tells me good job. I got home late today and dinner was ready. It was Tuesday so we had tacos. As we do every night we looked at the news to see what was going on in the world. It said, “Massive virus outbreak, stay at home.” Now I am writing this because I was told writing down my thoughts for the day would put my mind at ease and make me go to bed faster. I think that the news thing was a joke. They wanted to pull a prank too.


April 2,

Well People did not take it as a joke. The kids school and work called saying that today was cancelled due to what was said on the news last night. I went into town anyway to run some errands. When I got there, everyone was distraught. The lines to do everything were crazy. I needed to pay bills and everyplace was closed. They had signs that read, “Closed until further notice.” I went to get gas and it was $5 a gallon. I needed some so I filled up my truck and the gas cans I left in the back from the weekend before. Of course you need food so I went to the store and got that. It took me four hours to move through the store but it needed to be done. When I got home everyone was getting ready to go. I asked Victoria what was going on and she said, “On the news today they brought a scientist on and he said that you need to either stay at home or get out of the general vicinity of others. I think we should go to the ranch.” “That is a great idea. Let me get ready.” As we were getting ready, Some people tried to steal some of our stuff. Since this happened I hooked up the closed trainer and put some mattresses, bags of clothes, food, and finally my “Geo Dome.” Now we have to drive the the ranch.

April 4,

I did not write yesterday and it was busy. When we got there we had to set everything up. Unloading the trailer took the longest out of everything. After setting up the Geo Dome and putting the power supplies in the right place, there was nothing better to do than relax and do nothing. Am happy that we were able to get out here before there was too much traffic. John just thinks everyone is going to die. Since the beginning, everyone had the mindset that everyone was going to be fine and that we would work through the situation. John on the other hand, thinks that no matter how much the world does everyone will die. Since it was midday we ate. Then worked on the perimeter. Nothing much just putting up more layers on the fence.


April 10,

The last few days have been too repetitive to write about. I have done the same thing everyday and I do not think it is that interesting. Today on the contrary, we found a radio and found the only station that was running. It was talking about the virus. Apparently it turns the dead into a form of living where they have to live off of other humans. It is just like all of the zombie movies but it has actually happened. Now that we know what is going on we need to get supplies. So I get to gear up for the run with Matt and John gets to stay with Victoria and Madeline. We want to go to the neared town and get as much stuff as possible. We leave tomorrow at dawn so I need to get some sleep.


April 11,

It was about dawn when Matt and I left. I was driving because Matt is not old enough to drive on the roads. When we get to the town it is almost light. Matt spots a grocery store and a sports and outdoor store. When we pull up to the grocery store the windows are busted and the door is open. Matt and I walk in slowly and everything is on the ground. All the food is gone so we get as much as we can. A lot of gum and mints were left, very little food was the bad thing. The sports and outdoors store on the other hand was great! I found clothes, blankets, hats, tents, bags, air mattresses, knives, and so much more. It took a long time to load everything into the trainer but when it was done, that was a big burden off of my back. After a little consideration I want to the next town and the store had food in it. Beans, squash you name it is was like a real store but it was unlocked. If someone was trying to protect it why would it be unlocked? That is just like having a sign that says, ”Come on in, take what you want.” It is late so we are going to pack this up and sleep in the truck tonight.


April 12,

I have a crick in my neck. Who would have known that sleeping in a truck would not be comfortable? Right before we left Matt asked, “Can I drive home.” “Why not?” I replied. It seems ok to me you think a cop is going to be out in this circumstance? I heard on the radio that police have stopped patrolling. I do not know how long it has been since I have not listened to the music on the radio in the car. I guess there was no music on the way to get supplies, but I was preoccupied with other things then. As Matt drives I realize, our family thought that we would be home yesterday. Man will Victoria be ticked. I will probably get smacked or something. Man was I right. When I got home I got the big, “I WAS WORRIED SICK!” speech and just sat a  

April 13,

I am sick! Today was like any normal day until I felt myself getting a fever and the day turned to crap. I have accomplished nothing that I wanted to do. John worked on the fence even though he is disagrees with everything the family is doing to try to make the situation as normal as it can be. Victoria and Madeline worked in the dome to make it more homelike. I had been planning to build a building out on the ranch. It was supposed to be started next month but that is out of the window.


May 5,

The invasion. For the first time since this thing has happened, the zombies have come to the ranch. The fence had some gaps and they go through. The layers of security we set out worked for the most part. The spiked faced out toward the fence stopped them. All we had to do was kill them and make room in case this happens again. Maybe it will be a one time thing that will never recur. I had always wanted to take part in the so called zombie apocalypse, but it is a lot harder than it seems on the shows that have been made. Time to go to bed and do the same freakin thing every day. It gets boring to wake up, check the fence, and repeat.

May 15,

Getting out of this place. Today is the time that we look for others. Hopefully we will. You can tell that everyone wants to see other people. I liked seeing my family so much but now everyone is tired of each other and want to talk to another family. Now the journey begins. We will leave tomorrow even with the protest of Matt and Madeline. Hopefully everything will be ok.


May 16,

And we are off. The plan is to start with the outlying towns and work out from there. Think it is easy? You would be wrong. It takes forever. I thought looking for people would not be hard but it actually is. Leaving marks that say what way you are going for everyone. My ankle is hurt now. A good note to self is, “DO NOT STEP IN HOLES!” I learned the hard way and will probably be walking with a limp for a few weeks.


June 1,

WE FOUND PEOPLE! It was like any normal day than there was a turn for the better. First we found more food. The supply is running low so that is a good confidence booster. I think we are about 250 miles from the ranch and we are good. The weather is great, we found bikes so the gas supply can be expanded, and everyone is in a good mood. Except for John that is. All the good things that happen and you would think his outlook on life would be different but it is not. Everyday he seems to find something else that is not going in the right way so he complains. There was this science center in the outskirts of a town. When I walked up to it there was a voice on a microphone that said, “What are you doing out there?” What else could you respond with other than, “We are looking for others and it looks like it has worked. Can we come in?” “Are you infected?” “No.” Than come on in. The rest of the night was about how they want to find a cure but can not test them, because the do not want to get infected in the process.


June 2,

The help is on. In the morning John, Matt, and I went and got some zombies to be tested on. It is astonishing to watch them look into their microscopes taking detailed notes to know what they did. This is how we spend the days. The scientists names are Bill and Joe. They brought Madeline a coloring book. She spends hours coloring different designs. The rest of us got word search and sudoku.

July 10,

The day has come. The cure is made and it is time to do it. We found a plane used to spray pesticide on crops and used that. Hour by how we spray and spray and working around.


August 5,

It is done. Everyone is back and life is now returning to normal. The only thing left is to tell John I told you so and we are done. I am happy to have a normal life again. Everyone complains about working but I think after that everyone would have loved to work.

The End

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