Entry 2Mature

Wednesday, 5 September.

Dear Diary:
Just shit.
I know I'm just being a typical melodramatic teenager, but... Shit.
Okay, so, this guy I'm talking to on the net, TTA, was supposed to help me with my urban myths project, and... well... He kinda did, but... He said some strange things and, now...
I feel like shit.
Just shit.
He knew my freaking name! I mean, how weird is that? Is that weird? Have I told him before? Because I don't remember! 
I told Kevin about it today, but he just smiled and gave me flowers.
GOD! He's so stupid sometimes!
I hope I'm not in danger or anything. I don't feel like I am. What more could some guy on the internet know? I mean it's not like it's that easy to find stuff out about people nowadays.

Anyway, on the sleeping front, the battle seems won!... I think. I mean, I'm getting to sleep and stuff now, but every time I wake up, the room seems kinda different somehow. I don't know, like some stuff was moved around on my desk on Tuesday (it seemed more organised than usual!!!), and when I woke up this morning the blanket was coiled up at the end of the bed! And... I've still got the feeling that someone is watching me sleep 
At least I can get to sleep now though! I think I'm just being restless at night. Chemist dude (THE CUTE ONE!) said that that could happen sometimes. Yay! No more sleeping in History! :D

Forever yours, my book

The End

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