- hOtgurl66 is now online. - 

hOtgurl66: hey! :)

hOtgurl66: you thea?

hOtgurl66: come on, you said youd be here!

- TTA is now online. - 

TTA: I was just watching you talk. It's funny.

hOtgurl66: yay! :D

hOtgurl66: lol you creep you :P

TTA: Does not everyone have the potential to be a creep?

hOtgurl66: nah just you i think :) haha

TTA: Why do you talk to me then?

hOtgurl66: coz. you make some things make sense. almst. and you're supposed to be helping me with my urban myth assgnment !

TTA: What did you want to know?

hOtgurl66: well... something to write about  would be start, woudnt it? :P

TTA: Okay. Hold on a second.

hOtgurl66: ok den :P

- TTA went offline. -

hOtgurl66: lol ditch me then :P

hOtgurl66: UM...

hOtgurl66: you there?

hOtgurl66: hellooooo?

hOtgurl66: cmon it cant take that long can it ?

hOtgurl66: oh wow

hOtgurl66: shit

hOtgurl66: you there?

hOtgurl66: are u watching me again??? o.O

hOtgurl66: helooooooo?

- TTA is now online. -

hOtgurl66: lol finally :D

TTA: Sorry.

hOtgurl66: wat were you doing? i got a bit scared :(

TTA: What do you know about Him?

hOtgurl66: who? God? 

TTA: I guess you could say that.

hOtgurl66: um... lol

hOtgurl66: i guess you culd say we were on good terms :D ds that anser your question?

TTA: He tells me otherwise.

hOtgurl66: why? did i do something nauuughty? ;) teehehe

TTA: You don't need to have done. He does not discriminate.

hOtgurl66: lol ou do know i have no idea what your talking about right? :D

TTA: You have every idea of what I'm talking about. Yet you could not possibly know. You've seen him when you lay in the dark.

hOtgurl66: uuuuuuuuhmMM... what does tis hav to do wit urban myth exactly?

TTA: It's where it all started. The circles.

TTA: Consider this a heralding of doom.

TTA: Abandon your school project, Mina. Abandon your friends. Abandon your family.

TTA: Abandon your life.

TTA: For we are searching for you, with eyes that cannot be seen. 

TTA: We are coming, Mina. 

- hOtgurl66 went offline. - 


- TTA went offline. -


The End

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