Entry 1Mature

Monday, 3rd September.

Dear Diary:
Oh. My. God.
There's like, just too much stuff to do. I can't take this anymore!
I need to remind myself to:

  • Help Dad fix Lassie's kennel!
  • Finish my school project on urban myths!
  • Do a backflip in the hopes of impressing Kevin!

The last one wouldn't be a problem if those sleeping pills fucking worked. I've been having  a few really weird dreams and stuff, and I always wake up all sweaty and EW, feeling like some creepy creep is watching me! No wonder Kevin won't want to go to prom with me, when I keep having these psycho episodes! I don't wanna end up like Helen do I? LOL! :)
Ugh I should go and do the stuff I need to do now, try and tick something off the list.
Got some artificial stuff from the chemist too, said it'd be better than the herbal sleeping shit I've been taking. 
So... yeah! Wish me luck?

Your bestest friend,

The End

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