The Man From the West


I always thought it was odd that it was while I was playing on my computer that he entered my life. Of course, no one else knew this. I wondered at the time whether any one else would even know that I’d gone.

            I stared at the screen, engrossed in the game. Now, of course, I can’t remember what it was. Solitaire, maybe, or Mahjong. Both games I liked, and played regularly. I was alone in the house; no witnesses, some would say. That was certainly true.

            The sound of the front door opening startled me from my concentration.

            “Bother,” I muttered, and looked up. I thought it meant that my parents were home from wherever it was they were. I was wrong. The sound of heavy footsteps alarmed me. Mum was five foot one – she wouldn’t make that kind of noise. The kitchen door opened and revealed him.

The End

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