Five Years LaterMature

Five years later we’re in high school. Rhiannon has a boyfriend and they say they’re going to get married. I have four, but I won’t let any of them have the sex things they want. Rhiannon calls me a tease and we laugh about it, because we both know that’s what I am. She used to call me other things, but that’s so long ago we hardly remember. There was a big jump of nothing somewhere between then and now.

It’s getting dark one day and I’m sitting in my car with Rhiannon, waiting for our little brothers to get out of detention. They lit a trashcan on fire in the stairwell. My bare feet feel the engine shiver through the floorboard, even though the engine’s not directly underneath me.

The boys get it the back seat and we all leave, but for some reason we drive a longer way than usual through downtown. Maybe Rhiannon asks me to, or maybe we feel nostalgic. Maybe there’s a detour.

Rhiannon wants to see the corner of Royal and Dauphin, and so do I. We tell our brothers about the crazy man who stood there once and how he disappeared a few years ago.

The End

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